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Should cities make tasers illegal for police officers?

It seems like every week another story or youtube video pops up on the internet about a grandma or pregnant woman getting tasered by police officers. I am sure most of us on this forum have seen the horrors within these acts.

It seems almost impossible to stop police from using them unless We the People take them away. Obviously, under the 2nd amendment, people are allowed to have them, and I do think there are many benefits of citizens carrying them. However, should cops, who are employed by the government, not be allowed to carry them when on duty? I think this would eliminate many problems.

On the flip side, I have heard proponents of cops carrying tasers that it allows cops to stop violent crimes and criminals with weapons.

I ask this question because I am thinking of collecting signatures to get an ordinance passed that would take tasers away from cops in San Francisco. I would have 180 to gather around 7500 signatures.

What do you think about this idea or the law in general?

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Cities might want to make police illegal

They seem to be pedophiles and power tripping thugs these days. You know, the kind of people that the police used to lock up when I was a kid.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Guns are used in extreme situations during police duty,

but tasers are too tempting to use because of the nature of the weapon and the 'belief' that they are 'non-lethal' which is complete bullshit!!!

This is nothing more that ECT (electro shock treatment or torture). The result causes harm to the brain and heart and further causes people to become docile like animals who get shocked. It also leaves people to suffer with PTSD. Many have in fact died from being tased. This is cruel and cowardly.

These weapons are disgustingly inhuman and should never be used on humans or animals for that matter.

Diplomacy must be the first goal of any altercation, failing that there have to be secondary peaceful measures. Guns are the final alternative if all else fails.

Where does the constitution

Where does the constitution authorize police?

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

sorry, self bump for further

sorry, self bump for further discussion...

In police circles "proper

In police circles "proper procedure" has trumped morality, decency and the law of the land. Until this disparity is fully addressed none of these other issues mean anything.

Reduce taser abuse , it's simple!

If every time an officer tasers a person he is required to be tasered himself, the abuse would end. Bullies can't take their own medicine.


No, tasers can be useful

No, tasers can be useful tools for police officers, but they can be abused. Use of a taser when it is not warranted is excessive force. When a taser is used on a person who is not physically resisting an officer, it is excessive force.

Tasers are not considered deadly force, and there are times when the police need to deal with someone who is out of control, and physically powerful, but not worthy of deadly force. In these instances, a taser is the best tool. The use of a taser on people who pose no threat to an officer is an assault. The same can be said about the use of black jacks, night sticks and even fists. Common sense is the key.

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Do you realize you really are saying

that torture can be a useful tool?

No. It will be misused. Power does corrupt. common sense could be used if police were trained to think instead of knee-jerk react as if every incident were an emergency that had to be solved RIGHT NOW. Waiting for a person to calm down could help, surrounded by several officers. Calm persuasion is seldom used any more, just brutally subdue everyone.

If someone literally attacks an officer, police have an arsenal of defenses up to guns, plus plenty of back-up. A well=trained officer could even shoot as a last resort after plenty of warning.

You give them a toy, they're going to play with it.


Tasers were introduced as an alternative to the lethal

force of a firearm, designed to assist the detention/apprehension of individuals who posed a threat to themselves or others but did not pose a lethal threat. Back in the 70's and 80's that alternative was called the choke hold. My uncle, a cop, used to choke us kids out and we'd flop around like a chicken and everybody thought it was fun and funny. Then people started dieing and the choke hold was banned across the country. Enter the taser. The taser is a lethal weapon, period. We as a society have been engineered to accept them. Just in the past week, we have seen a teenager tased at a baseball game after running on to the field. When I was a kid and streaking was popular, everybody go a big kick when people would run on the field. On Friday a golf fan was tasered by police when he persisted to heckle Tiger Woods after being asked to stop by police at the event. Neither of these individuals posed a lethal threat to anybody including themselves. The saddest part when reading these two stories were the comments because most people agreed these bums deserved to be tasered. Media commentators fueled this feeling by also encouraging the use on these two persons. We are being engineered to accept the use of this lethal weapon for the most mundane of circumstances, even though we all know that they can cause death. Once again, 99% of the people are being held accountable for the actions of the 1% under the guise of "if you obey the law, you have nothing to worry about". Maybe when people start getting tased for jaywalking or yelling at their kids in public, the majority will change their opinion but as of now it appears people will accept the tasering of person expressing their first amendment rights, grandmothers who speed and sports fans enjoying their inebriation to the point of being unruly. The use of tasers has lost it's original intent, but then again, maybe that was the plan all along. So at this point, my answer is NO.

"Media commentators fueled this feeling by also encouraging the


This reminds me of the entertainment enjoyed by the Romans. Sick people derive pleasure from watching others suffer.

"It’s not like I’m just trying to win and get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history." ~Ron Paul

Yes. There is also an eerie similarity between crazed football

fans in a stadium and crazed Romans in a gladiator arena. Bread and Circus.

This certainly is an issue.

I think this is a side issue to a much bigger problem. The attitude of cops has changed. I am not certain if the training has changed or if it is just that the pool of candidates has changed. I have found that cops are receiving training at one of our military bases in Mn. Is that where they have always been trained?

When I was growing up, the cops actually were like "Andy." They knew who our parents were and tried to help guide us into productive adults.

The cops that I have encountered lately are on power trips, see themselves as superior to the citizens, and have no respect for our rights. Taking away tazers is the tip of the iceberg. Unless we can change their attitudes, they will torture the citizen with whatever means. Billy clubs, rubber bullets, deafening sound blasts....

"It’s not like I’m just trying to win and get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history." ~Ron Paul

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we have animal rights groups harassing folks for using on animals,calling it inhumane,if it unjust for use on animals,then should be for humans too,we are not animals but everyday we see how are treated that way,can we say sub human? or as obama has stated we are non humans with no rights

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression


Better yet, make tasers mandatory for all citizens. Problem solved :)

truth liberate

Yes. Tasers encourage cowards

Yes. Tasers encourage cowards with grudges to become cops.

Once they have a taser, they realize that they don't have to risk bruising their tender little bodies.

If a cop is reading this..: did you become a cop, or a cattle puncher?

One yes vote here,

If I were confronting an armed criminal or intending to stop a violent crime I would reach for my tazer?!


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Take all their weapons

Why should they have any weapons at all?


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unfortunately, I don't think

unfortunately, I don't think that would fly...even in San Francisco.

I think you might want to refine your argument

I agree, tasers have been abused. There are places where law enforcement only carries tasers as a primary weapon. I would suggest my biggest beef with the device. Often people use the taser like it is a non-lethal weapon, which is just not so. Anything can trigger a congenital heart condition or just a body under stress causing a fatal reaction to the attack. I would suggest that you first approach this by saying that a restriction should be made to the use of taser/force. I believe tasers should only be used as a substitute for a lethal weapon or firearm. If a situation requires lethal force then it is acceptable for the officer to use the non-lethal device. Imagine all the situations of people dying that could have been averted. Likewise, an officer should be able to handle grandma and a child without the use of a weapon. If not, they need a partner and back up.

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I agree

tazer's should be considered/classified as a deadly weapon.
How does that stop them from being abused?

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

The problem

is that when tasers were first introduced, the point was to have a non-lethal weapon that could be used instead of a gun. However, rather than being something that would only be used in the same circumstances that a gun would be used in, they are used all the time. This is what has lead to their widespread abuse.

Rather than banning their use by police officers, introduce legislation that creates severe legal ramifications if a police officer uses a taser in a situation with less severity than a situation in which a gun would be used. You would likely define it as being excessive force, but I suppose that would result in no improvements.

I would say that there should be a fine for the first offense, a bigger fine for a second offense, and possible jail time for a third offense, along with a 2-year minimum suspension from any and all LEAs, starting right after they get out of jail. Any further offenses will result in permenant expulsion from any and all LEAs as well as being charged with a felony.

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It is one more example of the adage

that power corrupts. tasers make it too easy for power-freaks to use excessive brutality and inflict intentional pain, a clear form of torture, with no repercussions to the cops.

I think it should not be allowed. I'd sign such a petition.
The fundamental problem of course is laws making peaceful behaviors crimes. The result is too many police, too many apprehensions, too many citizens considered criminals. the balance of reason has been lost in enforcing way too many victimless "crimes" by what police perceive is a criminal populace.