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Machete 2010 Sneak Preview - This Summer!!!



Fun For The Whole Family!!!

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My prediction

There will be blanket amnesty for all illegals by year end. Last I heard, it was against the law to incite a riot. Guess that doesn't apply to NWO scum. Nothing good will come from this movie. All we need is for illegals to turn the USA into another Mexican hellhole.

I live in Arizona. Gov. Jan Brewer is doing a great job. Arizona is now one of only three states that have a No Permit Required to carry concealed weapons. Just in time for potential machete wielding drug dealers.

BTW: American immigration laws pale in comparison to Mexican immigration laws. Just try moving to Mexico and demanding rights and taking Mexican jobs and watch what happens.

No one in Arizona is laughing (video): http://bit.ly/9wubV1

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

The other thread is gone. We just need one link.

AttilasDaughter. I just messed up. I deleted your comment accidentally. I'm sorry. I meant for it to be here so it could be read. Dangit!


Ron Paul is My President

Fun for the whole family - lol - not really!

Get em Bite Em - this is pure pro La Raza Propaganda!

The timing is just right to jump start the push for AMNESTY!

Ron Paul is My President


This is really disheartening.

I don't really like Alex Jones, but he is right on on this being a movie that incites violence.

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This is huge ... Jesus H ... !