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Maine GOP adopts Constitutional Platform!!

During the second day of Maine’s Republican State Convention on Saturday May 8 2010, there was overwhelming support for the new party platform. At least 70% of the delegation voted in favor of this Pro-Liberty, Anti-Fed platform. The Maine State Republican Party Platform now promotes a message of State Sovereignty and joining other States in 10th Amendment rights. The new platform calls for a return to Austrian Economics, of saving not our current spending and debt shifting. Section 5c of the new platform states: “Pass and implement Fed bill #1207 (Introduced by Ron Paul), to Audit the Federal Reserve, as the first step in Ending the Fed”.

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This is encouraging news. If

This is encouraging news. If the GOP is to survive, its leadership needs to be purged on the NeoCon, globalist element. We need people who are loyal to our nation and loyal to our Constitution, not One-Worlders intent on building their New World Order.

We are seeing results in taking the Republican Party away from the NeoCons. Beware of infiltrators - people trying to associate the Tea Parties with Sarah Palin, and other Establishment Republicans.

Palin endorses McCain, and McCain epitomizes what we are fighting in the Republican Party - more wars, and further assaults on our Civil Liberties, like McCain's "Enemy Belligerent" bill.

Either the GOP returns to allegiance to traditional American values, or we need to break all ties.

Awesome news!!



I posted this on the front page. Check it out. Please.

Ron Paul is My President

Great start...

Snowe doesn't seem to like this much. It is a challenge to the status quo (as Mr. Bennett has recently found out)...

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