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From Mrs. Carol Paul: A Mother's Day Gift

Dear Friend,

Ron and I have worked hard over the years because we are deeply concerned about the future of our country. We cherish the opportunities America has afforded us: the ability to live in Liberty, raise our family as we see fit and pursue the American Dream.

We stand at a crossroads. For decades, career politicians and special interests have expanded government and chipped away at Liberties. That gradual erosion has made quite a dent, and I fear that if we do not take bold action, we soon will have nothing left.

Our son Rand is running for United States Senate because he shares those same concerns. I am not just supporting him because he is my son. I am supporting him because he is running for the right reason. Rand wants to go to Washington and continue Ron's fight to cut government spending, protect our money from the Federal Reserve and protect Liberty for future generations.

Rand is on the verge of winning. His primary is only 9 days away, and he is leading in the polls. But, the big government insiders are pulling out all the stops. They are waging vicious smear campaigns, and resorting to outright lies. Groups from outside the state, funded by lobbyists and establishment elites, are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into Kentucky in a last ditch effort to steal the election.

Rand is fighting back. He needs to answer them and spread OUR message – the message of Liberty. If he has the chance to answer, he will win. But, he needs your help.

Moms are special people. They care more about the children than anything else.

I can tell you from experience, they worry a lot. But, I can also tell you this: if we send Rand to Washington, we'll have a lot less to worry about. We will still have problems to solve and work to do, but we will have a tremendous advocate for our values who will not compromise and fight day and night for our freedoms.

On this Mothers Day, will give me and other concerned Mothers across the country a tremendous gift? Your contribution to Rand's campaign can make the difference. Please try your best and do whatever you can. Moms all across the country are counting on you.

In Liberty,

Carol Paul

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