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Ron Paul: Dwells in ConspiracyLand, Says Reason Magazine Writer

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REASON & CATO are GREEN with envy with Ron Paul

Reason Mag, during the New Hampshire & South Carolina Primaries, "uncovers" the 25 year Ron Paul news letters an says without discussion or "reason", they were "racists". The question was not if, the question was Why does not Paul tell us who wrote those racists words. That was Reason's witch hunt against Paul, their Mean spirited Timing to destroy Ron Paul in the Republican Race... as if carrying the torch of the Anti-war Anti-drug war was not enough in a Republican Primary.

CATO too was "unhelpful". They went soft on the Anti-war issue and spoke little and lightly to not piss off the neocons.

Only Justin Raimondo, himself gay, was a Consistent and LOUD supporter of Ron Paul. Justin called out the little gay boys over at Reason and the Washington sell-outs over at CATO time and again.

Here at the DP I wrote about the newsletter's actual words, point of view, statements and I pointed out that never was the N word used, implied, or was a whole class of people degraded. That said, the class of people that were degraded was the criminal violent inner city kind (WHAT EVER THEIR ETHNIC MAKE UP) who are responsible for rioting after Rodney King verdict, car jacking and building burnings...etc. Those are indeed the Animals that one must pack and carry a gun for self protection. Private Property rights and civil discourse mean nothing to these people. As Chris Rock, the comedian once said, in the hood its not about your big Masters degree that counts, no... its about your "ass kicking degree" that counts.

If the liberty-loving sniveling little jerks over at Reason and those milquetoast suck ups at CATO can't handle RATIONAL HETEROSEXUAL VIRILITY that champions Liberty with a nativist Christian flavor, then WHY should we be TOLERANT of them?

Justin Raimondo, who is openly gay and openly Old Right Conservative who Champions Ron Paul says... We shouldn't. I am inclined to agree with him.

Tolerance given has not been tolerance returned.

Ron Paul has NOT attacked those at Reason or Cato, his Christian tolerance won't allow it. His self made character rises above it. And so it really is Ron Paul's POPULARITY that drives those two insanely GREEN with envy & intolerance.

I certainly know the type. In downtown Tempe Arizona, there is an Art Movie house, owned by a successful Jewish family and a veggie cafe. Its a popular place for liberals and left leaning libertarians intellectuals -- the kind you find in the pages of Reason. Its popular for them, but not really that popular. The art house plays gay & lesbian themed movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show late at night, and of course all kinds of fascinating foreign films from France, Brazil, and Korea. One thing you don't see is Ron Paul R3VOLution people out there protesting the place... we are all about the LOVE and all about the TOLERANCE you see.

But then comes Hooters. Hooters leases the adjacent Building and takes the 2nd floor above street level. Well this proves too much for those liberals and to my sad sad surprise, LEFT LEANING LIBERTARIANS. They protest at the city zoning hearing, they protest outside, and they generally make it clear that THEY DON'T ACCEPT Hooters. Their list is long, the "degrading treatment of women", tops the list. In Hooters defense at the city counsel hearing is one brave blond Hooter girl, a 5 year veteran she tells us, who is finishing her MASTERS in BUSINESS. She is there to say to the council and to the massively anti-hooter audience filled with long haired "hippy looking people", "goth" women with lots of black clothes, lots of tattoos covering what was once young nubile feminine skin and lots of holes in their ears and other places... This perky and happy blond "hooter girl" turns to the audience and says, ...

"I don't feel exploited, I love it that Men find me attractive, want me, and wish they can have me. I feel fully empowered to wear the orange uniform. I used to feel ashamed of my overly large breasts, even dream about getting them surgically reduced to a B or C size, but now thanks to all of Hooters customers I realize I should be very proud of my body. They respect me, and I have grown to not be afraid of men, because, well, they just love women the way they are. So if you take Hooters away from here, I cannot go to the University here and finish my degree. Your opinions are to help someone like me, but your opinions don't help me, your opinions would mean I don't get to finish my degree."

To which the audience all hissed and jeered and the City Councilman banged his gavel to quiet the audience. The councilman asked the lawyer for Hooters to have his say. And he stood there and presented graphs and data that Hooters handled their liqueur license wisely, no violations, no complaints, and that their record as a Sports Restaurant & Bar was as good or better than any other. Then he sat down.

The audience hissed again. To my surprise I saw 3 young Left Leaning libertarians in the audience hissing right along with the rest of the liberals and I looked at them because they knew me and said, "What is wrong with you?" And then one chirped "Munhouser syndrome". I smiled and nodded and then realized that I had to take the podium and speak.

When the Councilman asked, "is there anyone else present who wants to say something FOR Hooters before we vote, please walk up to the podium and state your name for the record." And so I did.

I turned to the audience and I said. "HOW DARE YOU !" Which startled everyone (about 100 +) in the audience. I said, "You heard me, HOW DARE YOU! I find you all to be disgusting, repugnant, and well, gross. This is because I always want to puke every time I run into a room full of Hypocrites and Sexual PURITANS! Yes, sexual Puritans! Hypocrites!"

City Councilman bangs his gavel, "You all had your chance to speak and bang, bang, bang, bang...you have all had your chance to speak, he is the last speaker in defense of Hooters getting a license, so lets give him the courtesy ... bang, bang, bang, bang. If you cannot sit quietly you will be asked to leave... bang, bang. "Ok, Continue", the councilman said.

"Ok, I will make 2 points. But first, for the "intellectuals" out there who think the young Hooters Girl is somehow a victim and doesn't know it, then I say to you directly, if evidence means anything to you, I will present it, so hold on to your opinions, keep an OPEN MIND. Let me ask you, if your mind is already closed, how is EVIDENCE going to enter? So for right now, stop with that oh so SMUG Opinion of yours, because that is ALL that it IS, an opinion. Keep an OPEN MIND if you ever had one. Why listen to me, if you refuse to HEAR me? I will present the facts in a minute. But first here are my 3 points.

Point One: Let me ask a question to everyone in the audience tonight. Can we agree that to be a hypocrite is Not a Good thing? Can we also agree to hold a hypocritical position, is also not a good position to have? Can we agree on that much? Sure you believe that it is I who is the hypocrite, but can we agree that it is bad to be one? Yes?

Point Two: Let me ask the audience another question. Can we agree that Sexual Puritans are people who are very uptight, not TOLERANT, and certainly not sexually OPEN MINDED? Can we agree you should be TOLERANT AND OPEN MINDED? YES? Can we agree that about that? Can we agree that Sexual Puritans are creepy narrow minded souls who cannot TOLERATE another person's sexuality? Perhaps Sexual Purists is a better term. Perhaps Sexual Puritans are uptight because they have something to hide maybe? Mmm? (audience laughs). Can we agree that "Sexual Puritans" are hateful of anyone's sexuality that THEY don't like?? Can we agree to that? Yes? Ok then.

So we can have some agreement. Hypocrites and Sexual Puritans are fools who are not Tolerant of other peoples sexuality.

Now the question is, WHO ARE THE hypocrites? And who are the Sexual Puritans? I think its you in this audience. (boo hiss, jeers from the audience) No? Lets see.

RIGHT NEXT DOOR is what? Its your gay and lesbian movie theater owned and operated by a Jew. (the audience fell perfectly silent). Now is that a good thing or a bad thing? For me, well I am Open Minded, how about you? For me, I am very Tolerant, how about you? Yes I am a very straight white guy who loves his beer, boobs, and burgers, (audience laughs) but I am tolerant. I am even Open Minded about what goes on next door. I am guilty of even reading french subtitles. (audience laughs). That is just me and also many of my friends. Many of my friends go to Hooters. They let you be, so why are you all up in our faces with Hooters? Does our sexuality bother you? (boos)

Here is what you need to ask yourselves. Do you want people to come to City Hall and Protest the Movie theater and the veggie restaurant? Fact are facts, next door is a kind of sexuality that only a small and I mean VERY SMALL segment of society either Likes or Approves, can we agree with that? Can we agree that not all straight white guys like me are TOLERANT and Open Minded about such things? Have you noticed that the movie business has been there for 10 years and nobody protests? Let me ask you, when have you ever seen Straight Heterosexual Guys, the kind of guys that love Hooters, you know the kind of guys I am talking about, young horny straight guys that love their beer, boobs and burgers, try to shut you down?
Yes that kind of guy. The twenty-thirty something very heterosexual guy. That guy. I don't see that kind of guy outside your Gay & Lesbian Movie house, your veggie sandwich shop, your Rocky Horror Picture show PROTESTING and showing up at CITY COUNCIL hearings. SO I submit that facts are in... THEY may not like you, but at least they are TOLERANT of YOU. That is more than I can say about You. You are not TOLERANT.

And that brings me to my third and last point. Liberals pride themselves on being "Open Minded and Tolerant of Others". That is certainly a good quality to which I 100% agree. SO if you are a Liberal and in this audience I agree with you, being Open Minded and Tolerant of OTHERS is a good thing to be. But let me ask you this...Who among you is showing TOLERANCE here tonight? About half of you went to the podium tonight and spoke against Hooters getting a license to operate. You found it "Revolting" that men loved to look at girls with swelled breasts. Now I ask you, who is MAKING JUDGMENTS here? It was many of you tonight who described HETEROSEXUAL lust as "REVOLTING". Do you really want to get into what is "REVOLTING"? Let me remind you what kind of movies are playing RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the HOOTERS!! Let me remind you that Tonight its Been YOU who has been forcing YOUR Opinions upon others. Its been YOU who has not been TOLERANT of others. Hypocrites?

Again, I ask you all, who is NOT BEING TOLERANT of others and WHO IS MAKING JUDGMENTS? The facts are in. 56 of you spoke at the podium. Yes that is right, it is YOU. You in this Audience, right now, are trying to FORCE your opinions and kill the freedom of others to do as they freely choose. It is YOU, YOU who are judging Hooters, it does not fit with YOUR sexual ideas. The blond hooter girl, you condemn her own words, call her a victim of the Corporation, of society, and YOU MAKE HER OUT TO BE SICK.... guilty of some Medical Name by which you sit there all smug and self assured that your PURITANICAL CONDEMNATION OF HER SEXUALITY is medically justified. Well is it? Do we need to GO THERE? DO we need to get into WHO HAS BEEN MEDICALLY TREATED FOR THEIR SEXUALITY? If any of you have any knowledge of what GAYS and LESBIANS have had to go through to NOT be seen as a medical condition, a Sexual Retard, A Sexual Freak of nature..... and YOU WANT TO SMUGLY sit there and say that this straight girl is WRONG when she tells you straight to your face that 1) she does not feel exploited, 2) does not THINK she is exploited, and 3) does not appreciate your "help".

So you all may look all Cool, laid back, long hair, tattoos and piercings, metro-sexual and bisexual, wear those clothes, but I saw you at this Podium.... It is YOU who ARE the hypocrites. It is you who are the Sexual Puritans.

If you are truly Liberals who are SEXUALLY OPEN then you should be sexually OPEN to straight heterosexuality. Or does Heterosexuality SCARE you? If Beer, Boobs, and Burgers offends you than race right over to your gay and lesbian movies and enjoy your alfalfa-grass fish-shake. You will not find ME protesting YOUR Sexual Preferences, YOU WILL NOT FIND ME saying that you are Medical-Sexual Deviants with a "Syndrome" who should be locked up or "Cured". She has not Syndrome, she is not deluded. If she says she feels empowered, support her. If she says she feels better about herself, support her. I don't know her, but I bet she would support YOUR to be a Vegan who sucks Hot dogs! Psychological issues, her? You don't want to go there! But don't worry, you will find me and my STRAIGHT friends to be the FIRST in YOUR DEFENSE. The reason is, unlike you, we are not a Hypocrites or Sexual Puritans.

---Not a word, not a jeer, not a boo from the audience.

The city council voted 6-1 in favor of a Hooter license to operate.

In Peace & Liberty,

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Bizzaro World!

Read the comments.

SteveMT's picture

This story is over 2 months old.

Why dig up old crap like this?

This is further evidence that:

Ron Paul (like Peter Schiff) is right!!!

Reason reminds me of a junior high lunch room

They are honors nerds who don't want to hang out with the other nerds...and so desperate to hang out with the cool jocks...that they run down the other smart nerds.

sounds like

Blonde Bimbo Politics.
The comments are upsetting

"Let's, for a moment, forget

"Let's, for a moment, forget Paul (and how I wish this could be a permanent condition, considering the congressman is neither a serious politician nor—and I can't stress this enough—a serious thinker)."

Lets for a moment forget that this ever existed. Swine.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

"War is peace, freedom is

"War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength" I would add to that, "reason is insanity".

good one

so that means that Sean is behind all this? ;-)

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

Another neocon writer

in a neocon magazine.

"Treason" magazine was co-opted long ago, just like the rest of the LP was.

reason magazine

I don't think I ever posted anything from that rag.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

To bad Reason Magazine lacks

To bad Reason Magazine lacks commons sense.

SGP is an idiot and always

SGP is an idiot and always has been. Keep in mind the (L) party has done so well in the last 35 years or so on the national level of politics, how many seats do they have in congress? How much have they gotten done in Washington?

Where does Reason Magazine

Where does Reason Magazine dwell?

hint: it's followed by a


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

hate to bump this--

stale crumbs on these people!!!


Never heard of it, but *they* don't sound very reasonable--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Just when I thought people in this country couldn't be more misinformed or uneducated, they stoop to new lows...

I really try to maintain a degree of faith in humanity, but things like this really try my patience. I begin to question whether it is still worth my time to bother when I could be using it elsewhere.