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If it's such a great idea, let's amend the Constitution!

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Thank you.

I had to share that.

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I have a great idea

for amendment 28

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If you believe the Feds are acting unconstitutionally,

they'll disagree and say they're not. It matters not a whit if we don't believe them.
Do we expect the congress to propose those amendments confessing they've done wrong? Fat chance
As we know there's only one other way to amend the constitution, and there was no mention.
So does the author want a constitutional convention or not? Maybe this is just complaining with no purpose.
Those who want change need to give the states the constitutional power to be a check on the Feds.
That requires a constitutional convention.
A majority of the states may veto any federal law.

Amendments about individual issues would give the federal courts the opportunity to use creative interpretation to allow the central government to ignore
original intent.


like this.