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Obama's $100M Budget Cut explained (1m:38sec) Even sheeple can understand this.

You have to watch this one! I promise you'll end up smarter in just a minute and thirty-eight seconds.

Recently Obama announced that over the next 90-days he is going to work to cut 100-Million dollars of spending out of the Federal Budget.

A college student explains Obamanomics.
This is worth spending one minute and thirty eight seconds to watch!



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Nice visual!

thats great!!

well done!!


Well, that is a fairly clear

Well, that is a fairly clear way of visualizing it!


Very funny and cool...

Very funny and cool...

Very good! the truth is a

Very good!

the truth is a strong weapon.



Josh Davis
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Nice find.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

I think so too.

I think so too.