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Did Bankster's Crash the Stock Market to Send a Message to Congress?

Great video about the audit and the shot across the bow:
This guy is a Ron Paul supporter.


In Conspiracy Fact or Theory news we ask our readers to consider the possibility that the 1000 point crash and subsequent recovery within a 30 minute time period was not a “fat finger” mistake, but rather, a clear message to our lawmakers that someone else, and not the American people, is in charge of America. This was a $1 trillion dollar move in stock markets, do you really buy that it was an accident as reported by the mainstream?

Watch the video below to get a basic understanding of the circumstances that may have been involved. This is not a lone theory and other analysts and financial commentators have similar views, as cited below.

What was the manipulation about?

We believe that it may have been a clear message sent to our elected officials, resulting in major changes to Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, essentially gutting the provisions that we require transparency and disclosure about the Federal Reserve’s global monetary policy.

Video and more at:

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I said this Thursday

Does that mean I am now a Full on Patriot and no longer a sheeple?

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

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Posted, thanks

Sounds like a very credible take on Thursday's events.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

in 2008

my lover told me that the HR1207 would never see the light of day... then it got all of those co-sponsers last year and again, my love said- never happen...
and here we are today...

this was the one of two ways to turn this country around...

i hope my lover is wrong...
but that is hardly ever true.

maybe just this once?????