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MSNBC on Rand Paul: Robot Spiders & Cuckoo Clocks!

Rand Paul: Robot Spiders & Cuckoo Clocks!


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The Lame Stream Media

is sooooo last century.

PMSNBC Is A Bigger Threat To Rand Than Trey Grayson

Another MSM Hit Piece..It Won't Work Now In America..Rand Wins If And Only If There Is No Vote Fraud In Kentucky..

Need Troops On The Ground To Watch That Snake Grayson And His Supporting Cast Of Vipers ..

I like how they showed all of

I like how they showed all of Rand's vid but only a small portion of Grayson's coockoo ad that was actually coockoo itself (SELFPWN!)

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They didn't show the part of Rand's

where the words come up that says Grayson thinks a balanced budget isn't practical.

I also caught that.

I also caught that.

take that

take that robot spider!


Thanks for posting MMJ.

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