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Ron Paul Revolution Radio

Ron Paul Revolution Radio is up and running...

I will be co-hosting a show with my good friend Dr. Ryan Osborne, who has known my grandfather for years.

Our show, Generation Liberty, will open tonight! Friday December 14, 2007 at 7p.m. Central

Unfortunately, I will not be on until Monday December 17, 2007. My real job calls this Friday, but please tune in to our show at:


Matt Pyeatt

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Family Connections

If Mitt Romneys son setup a radio station would we call that a grassroots effort? What about if it was funded by advertising?

called in and spoke to Trevor

keep those phone lines busy!!!

Free Market Internet Radio

I just found out about RPR Radio yesterday and tuned in last night. I noticed that several of the personalities were with the original RonPaulRadio. I started listening to RPR back in August when it first began. I have to admit that the new RPR Radio is a more professionally run format and is more appealing to me. I just think that the free market is a good thing and will either improve the original RonPaulRadio or maybe merge with the new one. Liberty, Freedom and Prosperity is what's driving the Revolution so let's keep an open mind to this.

just another one

the website is by the same layout designer or template of GCN, RBN, WTPRN

even the advertisers are the same!

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Looking forward to the show!

Matt - I'm looking forward to hearing the new show. & the new station.


Hello Matt

I don't mind two stations, I believe I met you at the Orlando debates for a few moments, were you traveling with the campaign in Orlando?

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Free Market vs. Rip Off

I'm all for Free Market, but making a station with a name almost exactly the same and a domain name that implies the same meaning, it's not just competition, it's stealing ideas and taking branding from the people (including myself) who spent money and hundreds and thousands of free donated hours to get Ron Paul elected.

Ron Paul Radio ( http://www.ronpaulradio.com ) is a 100% volunteer effort and takes $100s of dollars a month in bandwidth, servers, hosting and that doesn't even count all the volunteer efforts. All the live coverage of events was done at the staff's own expense. Very few donations were made and it doesn't even cover all the costs.

I just think people should know this. I'm not trying to complain. But I think it's insulting to make a similar name. I have no problem with a second station.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

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I don't think it is a rip off


In defense of Matt, I'm confident that he is in no way trying to rip you or your idea off. I know Matt and he's a good guy, very passionate about the cause of liberty and freedom. I talked to him about the station, and the reason he is doing it is because he wants to reach a big audience with a regular radio show for the sole purpose of getting his grandfather elected President.

As far as the name goes, the words "Ron Paul" and "Radio" are descriptive terms, and there just aren't that many variations on how you can put them together to convey the idea of a Ron Paul Radio station! Like Matt said, it is a free market, and this is what a free market in ideas is about.

Just as a case in point from my perspective let me tell this story. In addition to the Daily Paul, there is another blog out there called the "Ron Paul Daily." A reporter from Bloomberg interviewed me, and in her article said that I run the "Ron Paul Daily." Good grief. If you go look at the site, there is some kind of octopus, or something on it, and like nothing else.

But the bottom line is that the terms "Ron Paul" and "Daily" are again simply descriptive, and there are only so many ways you can put them together to convey the idea of daily Ron Paul updates. I can't stop this other guy. I have no idea what his motivations are. The only thing I can do is strive to make a better website so that people come to my website rather than his or hers.

Michael Nystrom

Great post Michael.

Great post Michael.

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Matt Pyeatt

Listen if you want. Don't listen if you choose. It is better than the government telling us that we can or can't.

Matt Pyeatt

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We are losing sight on the focus...

Most importantly, Vote Ron Paul!

Matt Pyeatt

On Two internet Ron Paul stations

A competition between 25 to 200 listeners at any one time seems a disadvantageous use of resources. I like RonPaulradio.com and contribute to it, and I think a competing outfit should chose a more unique name. But if it improves access to more good information about Ron Paul, then an additional RP webcaster could well be a positive development.

Publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine

Publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Leader of the BC Marijuana Party, libertarian activist and candidate since 1979.

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Ron Paul Revolution Radio

Matt Pyeatt

Simmer down about all this competition stuff. These are just good people who support my grandfather and their candidacy. It is ironic that people who support my grandfather would complain about a free market where people compete.
Listen if you want. Don't listen if you choose. It is better than the government telling us that we can or can't.

Matt Pyeatt

Dr. Paul's Grandson

Hmmm.... I see now. This is Ron Paul's own grandson's new radio station!

But still, why not just contribute himself as a Ron Paul personality to the already-established www.RonPaulRadio.com ? There's plenty of space for new hosts, and loads of listeners who would very much appreciate a Paul family member on board!

Combining these two would be beneficial for both sides!

RonPaul2008.com ~ Liberty turns me on!

RonPaul2008.com ~ Liberty turns me on!

"Combining these two would

"Combining these two would be beneficial for both sides!"

It could very well be beneficial, we'll see what the owners decide to do. I say let people do what they want, support the projects you personally want to support and let the market decide the rest.

This RPRRadio is a GREAT thing!!

What a powerful thing! Call ins. Unbelievably great!

Seriously what a great radio

Seriously what a great radio show, im as excited for this as my daughter was when i got her some madonna tickets for her and her friends.

Here's what I think

I think because of all the different rules and regulations they are keeping some distance between the official campaign and the grass roots campaign.
They have to be very careful I think this is all so new in political campaigns that they are not quite sure what they can and can't do. That is just my observation.

Actually, it is a pretty good idea. Grass roots can have more variety and more varied ideas where the official radio site will have to be more tailored.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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neither is official

ronpaulradio.com is not an "official" radio station. It's all volunteer grassroots like everything else around here. Basically, a few left the original one and started their own, which is selling advertising. It seems more for profit if you ask me. I've donated money to the original station to help with servers and bandwidth. It's a major undertaking to run this sort of thing.

I think it's fine to have 2 stations. www.RonPaulRadio.com has been covering Ron Paul now for months and has a huge following. They've covered many of the events. I've been on there when there was over 1100 listeners.

While I do think it's great to have more than 1 station, I don't approve of the name of the new station, Ron Paul Revolution Radio is just too close to Ron Paul Radio. It's an obvious ploy to confuse and take listeners away from the other. I find this pretty uncool. I don't know why they did this. Ron Paul Radio had a lot going on.

Just my 2¢

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

"It's an obvious ploy to

"It's an obvious ploy to confuse and take listeners away from the other."

So basically Dr. Paul's grandson is attempting to steal your market share to get his family member elected? I'm having trouble with the logic.

Is this LP?.. Ron Paul Radio

Is this LP?..

Ron Paul Radio is good enough I think

Ron Paul Radio

Just wondering, why was another online radio station started when there's already http://ronpaulradio.com?

I think that statement could

I think that statement could be said about most industries. Let the market decide.

I'm listening

Pretty freaking awesome!!

Spread the word!!

We need a live broadcast internet video channel!


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

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looks like some people left ronpaulradio.com and formed competition. I think that's kinda crappy. We need to be united and not divided.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

a Comment from The_Dude

I've been listening to Ron Paul Radio since it's first month broadcasting. I've listened since before there were shows. I see a lot of people complaining about the business practices of RPR Radio. Besides them attempting to recruit a great deal of all of the hosts from ronpaulradio.com about a month before they broadcasted, besides the fact that they unethically gained guests after said guests were scheduled on ronpaulradio.com, and besides the fact that they were set up out of a box like the many other internet radio stations most Ron Paul supporters may listen to, I greatly accept this new venture for our former hosts. So what, they play advertisements and take calls all day and have shows that will put our narcoleptic friends to sleep. The market will decide for themselves. Being born outside the jurassic age, I prefer music and optimistic attitudes. So I personally prefer the originality and the upbeat promotion of freedom sprinkled with 100% grassroots efforts. Most of all, lets remember our single most important goal in these grassroots efforts, Ron Paul in 2008. And I send the best of luck to Mr. Pyeatt and an open invitation that he can broadcast his show live on www.ronpaulradio.com any time. the_dude@ronpaulradio.com Guest appearances are also encouraged.

Thank you.


So NCMarc, you think competition

is evil like John Rockefeller thinks/quoted.

Socialism or Capitalism?

Let the free market decide. O.K.

Agreed! Why are people

Agreed! Why are people letting their personal ego divide and damage the campaign for Ron Paul's Presidency?

www.RonPaulRadio.com is great, and there isn't much need for another entire "station". Another show, on another channel, one that already exists, that's great too! But to make a whole different base of operations, and to compete with the existing station? Do you really need to fight over approximately 150 listeners? Really? I mean, couldn't you just make a "Liberty Revolution" station or something?

RonPaul2008.com ~ Liberty turns me on!

RonPaul2008.com ~ Liberty turns me on!

"and there isn't much need

"and there isn't much need for another entire "station"

I respect your opinion, however, I rather let the market decide.