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Hard Ball's Chris Mathews Video: Rand Paul Will Win This Election!

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The sound of REAL Change

Wow, after Ron Paul schooled Chris Matthews on his own TV show not too long ago, the usual loud mouth bigot, Chris Matthews seems to be whistling a new tune about Libertarianism, Freedom, Ron Paul & Rand Paul too.

I guess Ron Paul really knocked his socks off.


haha, political mullet ... re Rand Pauls suit and shorts, as per

comment below.

But, mark my words, this pic will come back to haunt Rand sometime in the future. "They" are trying to portray Rand as "cuckoo" ... as in Trey's commercial showing Rand's picture with a Cuckoo clock in the background. This pic can be used, and who would know that he just came from his son's soccer game?? Kinda reminds me of Sarah Palin's interview done in front of bloody turkeys being butchered. Only not so bad, or course. Just watch that picture come out if she decides to run for president!

I love Rand ... but one does have to use some common sense to avoid being falsly portrayed, or at least cut down opportunities for that. Just my opinion.

Hawk Eyes

Now we just need about 10,000 people to stand there and watch the votes being counted.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

"Young people seem to like

"Young people seem to like freedom"

Really Chris? Gee friggin thanks for enlightening us we never would have even DREAMED.

Huge Diservice

It really, really bugs me that "journalists" report politics as if it was a sport. It's bad enough that the dominant parties play it like a sport, but journalists shouldn't get sucked into that.

Voters need to know the real beliefs and values, as evidenced by actions, of the candidates, not who's "playing the game" better.

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I think that picture of Rand is THE BEST!!

He's a new fashion trend setter.

Cargo shorts and a suit top.

It's like a political mullet.

Business up top, party down below!!

BTW, I also like picture #13 in the WP article. It shows Gayson holding the shopping "baggage", spending money like it's water.

Wait until

he is elected. Maybe it will be party from top to bottom (as far as clothing goes), to shake the establishment up of course, a new trendsetter! Nobody will talk about Palin anymore, because Rand clearly outtrendsets the rest.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

I love it because it is so practical.

He's like, I'm not gonna put on painful dress shoes and slacks for this mini gig. I gotta take my boy to baseball practice later.

Political Mullet?

Bwuahahaha... I love it! :)

I almost my pants

"It's the next turn of the wheel" Your damn right it is, if Mathew's and co. can get it maybe there is hope after all...

A Matched Set

"Hard Ball", hosted by a "Big D***".

And by extension, Ron Paul

And by extension, Ron Paul will will the presidential race in KY.

Chris Mathews is playing

Chris Mathews is playing psychological warfare. It's to make you believe Rand Paul has already won. So you will stand down and not worry about voting for Rand Paul. Paul has not won until the primary is over and Grayson concedes. Don't let Marxist Mathews fool you!

Mitch McConnell may need Rand

Mitch McConnell may need Rand Paul as he is going to win, but clearly the country doesn't need Mitch McConnell.


Time 2 clean house, everyone. Spread the word.

LOL! It's fun to see Chris

eat crow, admitting that hey, young people like freedom!

He sees which way the wind is shifting, and is covering his bets in case Rand and Ron become the next big thing.
Of course, I wouldn't trust Matthews as far as I could throw him--Heck, I don't even ant to think about picking him up!

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

You know it's a slam dunk

You know it's a slam dunk when Mathews has to turn off the spit in your coffee and smile type of spin machine he works so well at msnbc...

Awesome to see our money spent on EXCELLENT ad campaign...who's the one who is the backbone that has been creating home-run advertisements for Rand?

I don't know

but those guys should make the artwork for all/most liberty campaigns. Don't know how much that would cost, though.
How about creating a fund/moneybomb, to let them work independently for all great liberty candidates in need?

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

As much as I wish Rand was

As much as I wish Rand was more like Ron, I'm glad he is going to win... hopefully he will sway more to his Dad's views when he is in office...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

wait a minute...

who's going to count the votes?


Good point.

Good point.

I love that picture of Rand

I love that picture of Rand wearing the suit and tie with shorts and sneakers! That's something I would've done too in order to be more comfortable during the interview.

the young people like this

the young people like this thing called "freedom".

Ohhh Chris Matthews, you are so insightful. At least he is giving Rand and Ron a fair shake in the media.

That cracked me up, too. Some

That cracked me up, too.

Some of us older folks also kinda like freedom.

Chris Matthews is such a colossal shithead I refuse to believe anyone *actually* watches his show.

matthews is such a bad anchor

matthews is such a bad anchor


Good to hear it even if it falls out of CM's mouth!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


In politics, where a certain amount of charisma makes you more popular, Mitch McConnell looks like an active corpse.

thanks 4 posting


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Rand Paul 2016


for Rand.

"Great reporting there"

Blazingly brilliant ;-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.