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Metal Buying Guide

I am considering buying small amounts of silver at a time. I am unemployed at the moment, so I don't have a lot of money, so I figure over the next year or so I will purchase gram bars, maybe some coins. Once I'm working again I'll consider buying larger amounts at a time, or possibly move to gold/silver.

I'm hoping we can fill this thread with useful information to help me and others who are new to the market learn the ins-and-outs of purchasing.

Here is an example of something you might see on eBay:



What can you decipher from this information? Are you generally OK as long as the bar or coin to be purchased is .999? What is a reasonable price to pay for something like this?

Something else I have been pondering...

Why is the Gold/Silver sales market suddenly booming? Why does everyone all of a sudden want to dump Gold/Silver? The advertisements are everywhere, on every forum and site i visit...

I realize prices are up, however everyone keeps saying the prices are projected to keep going up, so why is every single holder selling now? Wouldn't that be an indication that insiders are expecting a dramatic drop in the not so distant future?

Are these people just rolling the dice? Perhaps they just bought mass quantity when it was dirt cheap, now they are looking to cash in on whatever profit they can turn now, disregarding the fact every single forecaster is predicting a huge increase in value?

That's all I can think of for now, thank you in advance for any input you might have that will help us late-new-comers get up to speed.

p.s. regarding the big Precious metal IRA banner to the right of this paragraph....I have been advised to stay away from paper holdings, as many businesses are suspect of selling precious metals on paper that they do not actually have physical possession of. That if everyone went to pull their holdings out there would not be enough to go around....any truth to this rumor?

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Hardest part is getting started...

Trading FRNs for PMs is (unfortunately) not something most of us are preconditioned to do...

As others will say, never buy from a debt position so don't think about charging PMs to the ole' credit card. Given your situation and the fact that you will be buying small quantities of silver, find a reputable coin dealer in your area that you feel comfortable doing business with. Remember that usually the smaller the quantity you buy, the more the PM costs per oz. - so keep that in mind. It's better to save up and get a better deal on a larger quanity than to buy many very small purchases.

Others might say don't buy over the internet but I've had a good experience with APMEX. However if you're buying small dollar purchases, the shipping and premiums over spot can get pricey. I have no experience with ebay but I would be careful buying from anyone other than an established company.

As for silver, the smallest quantity you usually find are 1 oz rounds or bars (as silver is currently around $20 / oz.) You'll see much smaller amounts in the gold market - down to grams. I would recommend silver as gold is very pricey per oz. and there are many here at DP that weigh in on the potential for the price of silver to keep increasing. Do a search to read up on the info they have posted.

PMs are a long term investment, savings and a hedge against uncertainty and inflation. Don't buy what you can't afford to sock away for the long term. It won't do you much good to incur the cost of obtaining physical PMs only to have to turn around and sell them for cash in the short term. Make sure you have your day to day financial house in order before you buy.

Thanks everyone for the


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Thanks for the info everyone.

"Not sure where you're getting your information. I would disagree and even say the opposite is more likely to be true."

I was exaggerating, to be honest, I would have no way to know if that really even was the case.

The point I was trying to make is that 2 years ago I never saw ads for it. Now they are plastered on every site I visit, and even making their way to T.V. before I gave it away. Gordon Liddy I think his name was, for the ads I saw on the tube.

"... why is every single holder selling now? "


Not sure where you're getting your information. I would disagree and even say the opposite is more likely to be true.

You might want to have a look at this: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/134508

Spend an hour. The segment on silver is worth watching.

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Junk Silver

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