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Ron Paul - Most Conservative Voting Record Since 1937

Based upon votes from 1937 to 2002, out of all 3,320 members of Congress and presidents that served, Ron Paul has the most conservative voting record.


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Larry McDonald is #2 on this list

Here's a quote from Larry McDonald before his plan was shot down by the soviets near Japan.

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." -Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976


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Bump For Larry McDonald

From what I've seen of the guy, he is right there w/ Ron Paul.

There's a very well done CorbettReport podcast about Larry McDonald here:



I never heard of this guy before until I saw his name on this list.

I need to look into him more.

I always cite this statistic

I always cite this statistic when people try to tell me Ron Paul's "not conservative." Another interesting thing about this list is who was the second most conservative person on the list, Larry McDonald, a conservative Democrat and the other "Dr. No" in the House. McDonald also had a voting record just like Ron Paul's. Imagine if both were in Congress today!

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Ron Paul probably has most conservative record in history.

They only started keeping track from 1937.

McDonald also proves that it's not the party that matters, but the principles.

It should be no surprise who

It should be no surprise who #2 is, Larry McDonald, RIP.

Voting Record - Consistency

I think the big take-away here is that one can honestly say, "You may not agree with everything that Paul stands for...but there IS NO DOUBT what he stands for." You can almost guarantee that Dr. Paul will do what he says he is going to do once he becomes President, whereas the same cannot be said for any of the other flip-floppers running. Unfortunately, if one of the other Romneys or Santorums gets into office, we have NO IDEA what we are in for. We obviously can't base what we are going to get on what is said during the Primaries (and Caucuses)!

Sad thing is I was a contested Delegate

for supporting this man. They said we were not good and faithful Republicans. So it sounds like Conservatism is not part of being Republican. Maybe the Republican party should let the non contested Conservatives know about this.

Conservative is nothing but a label anymore.

Kind of like Democrat and Republican, which also have no real meaning because they have been so greatly distorted that they can mean the opposite of what they originally did or even the same thing.

It truly is Orwellian doublethink.


This is from MAY. Why did it

This is from MAY. Why did it not gain traction?? Looking at polls I am seeing people do not think Ron is conservative. SOMEONE..send this to the campaign!!

With the democratic voting system you have to milk votes.

In order for things to get attention, because others are milking votes too. So if you don't do it, your post drops off the radar, unless someone else picks it up.

It's lame. Too much milking going on, not enough reading and thinking.

This may have been out before the voting too, I don't recall.

Thanks, this information

may be helpful down the road.

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Down the road.........

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More conservative than Reagan and Goldwater

They are liberal trash to Ron Paul

Of course.

We knew that!

But thanks for the list. I'm going to have to look into numbers 2 and 3, SCHMITZ, JOHN G. and MCDONALD, LARRY. I don't know much about them.

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Youtube Larry McDonald on

Youtube Larry McDonald on Crossfire with Pat Buchanan for one of the most amazing explanations of how big people control our government. While I hope this isn't true, there are those who say this interview is what sealed his fate which is what the gentleman below is referring to.



A vote I'm proud of

for John Schmitz against Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphery, I believe. It was like voting for Ron Paul for President back then. These guys, John Schmitz and Larry McDonald were the cream of the crop. From what I now know I would suspect that rather than the Russians, more likely the CIA brought down Larry McDonald's plane.

another good man

Another good Congressman is George Hansen representing Idaho. He was also scheduled to be on the flight that crashed and killed Larry McDonald, but he missed his flight and so he survived.
He was a good constitutionalists. I heard him tell in a speech of his how he flew into the country of Columbia in south america and when he got off the plane, he was met by two suits (CIA AGENTS) who told him this was a dangerous place for him to go.
They said they had booked a hotel across from the airport for him because they could be sure that it was secure.
He thanked them and said he had to go into town for an appointment so he hailed a cab and left. He said he had not told the CIA he was flying there and did not know how they knew he was on that plane.
He said he never told them, but he already had a room reserved in town and he stayed there that night. During the night the hotel across form the airport burned down.
He said there are relly two CIA'S one financed by congress and a rogue one financed by drugs.
He said it is hard to trust the CIA.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

I never even heard of him but

I never even heard of him but Someone was protecting him that day..wow.

John Schmitz was a California Conservative

He once quipped, "I've done pretty well for a Catholic Bircher with a mustache." I believe he once ran for president on the American Independent Party ticket.
He was brought down by a scandal (an extra-marital affair).
Larry McDonald was a Democrat Bircher, who was killed on KAL Flight 007. Many believe the plane was brought down just to kill McDonald.

Yes, Larry McDonald was a

Yes, Larry McDonald was a Democrat Congressman from Georgia, and he was also the head of the John Birch Society. We in the Society have always believed that the Soviet Union shot down Korean Airlines 007 in order to kill Larry McDonald.

As an interesting aside, while Ron Paul is a medical doctor, so was Larry McDonald. He was a urologist.

Wow, even more interesting. You've got me reading now.

"He was known for his staunch opposition to communism and believed in long standing covert efforts by powerful U.S. groups to bring about a socialist world government. He was the second president of the John Birch Society."


Me neither, but now I'm curious.

I recognized Jeff Flake right away.

He's at #4

Fun reading from Dr. McDonald, "We Hold These Truths:

A Reverent Review of the U.S. Constitution"

By the looks of things on Amazon, now out of print.


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$200 New

Collector item it seems.

A list Ron Paul is proud to be on.


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Another #1 Rating in Congress for Ron Paul Here:

Ron Paul Rated #1 in Congress

news.cnet.com — Out of all 535 representatives in the United States Congress, Rep. Ron Paul (TX) is rated number one for defending the freedoms of technology related proposals, scoring 88.24%. In comparison, Sen. John McCain (AZ) scores 38.46%, and Sen. Barack Obama (IL) scores 33.33%.


notice the last 3 on

the list!Schmitz, Mcdonald & Paul!

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So much for the neocons'

claim that they hold the conservative mantle and that Paul doesn't even belong in the party because he's not a conservative.

Maybe Paul doesn't belong in the party, but certainly not because he's not a conservative -- rather, because the party is no longer conservative.