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How Net Neutrality Laws will save this Country

The FCC is being encouraged by a coalition of grassroots groups to fully enforce net neutrality. Once this plan is implemented the government will be hiring editors who will oversee all websites. Finally, we will have a method of ridding the internet of the web of mistruths advocated by leading fringe extremist websites such as the dailypaul, lewrockwell.com, infowars, cato, vonmises, oathkeepers, givemeliberty.org and so many other dangerous websites.

These websites have existed for years spreading weird conspiracy theories. Now, finally with the coming Net Neutrality enforcement actions we can shut down all these dangerous websites. At the same time, we can once and for all take away control of the internet from the big corporations that control America and let the little guy have a say.

These crazed libertarians and constitutionalists will finally be unable to spread their form of hate and mistruths that have been corrupting America. This motley group of anarchists are on the verge of electing
one of their own to the Senate. We must implement "Net Neutrality" laws immediately to stop the spread of these radical extremist ideas across the country. These people have already partially taken control of the Republican Party and threaten to roll back years of hard work enlarging the federal government. Just look at the years of hard work we have put into building up the Federal government. If you look at the economy of the Washington DC area you can see the impressive results of this work. We here in Washington don't nearly suffer as much unemployment and poverty. We must continue the funding of the Federal government at the present level for the good of the Federal workforce and all it's employees. Let's not let this web of organizations destroy it now. Be sure to call the FCC and insist they fully enforce "net neutrality" of the internet.

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