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Fox BS / Propaganda: Backing Glenn Beck. Why The Left Is Now Backing Him. ACTUALLY THEY'RE NOT! Its a lie.

So I'm sure you have all seen these 10 second blurbs from Rupert Murdock's media machine promoting Beck's so called broad support base.

Hint: It is a lie!

In my view the problem is simple and it is all thanks to people like you here at the Daily Paul.

Glenn Beck has been "run-off" from the Liberty forums. Beck and any comments bearing positive references to this bottom sucking scum bag are welcomed like a repeat sex offended at a child's birthday party.

So I say thank you to everyone here at the DP who have chased Beck and his dirty promoters away. THANK YOU!

We do not need support from deceptive traitors of Glenn Beck's caliber.

We would be better off pointing a loaded gun at ourselves and pulling the trigger; this is actually Beck's goal... to trick us into doing this kind of crap.

Glenn Beck is now having to look elsewhere for suckers of his "UK / European Brand of Conservative" snake oil products.

Thanks to everyone here for doing this and for consistently flipping him and his promoters "the bird".

I love you folks :-) This is a great forum.


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You nailed it Jefferson.

Repeat offender posing as a rodeo clown.

It is only a matter of time now before the bull tramples him and mashes his head.

If you play this game long enough its bound to happen.

Everyone in the rodeo business has horror story to tell where the bull actually won.



Stopped watching TV when I discovered they are spell casters

The only way to defeat this magic is by avoiding it.

Step away from the hyponotic box.

Lotta name calling here

but I'd appreciate some non-anecdotal evidence pro/con the Fox news contention.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

English please?

We are all not as edumacated as you....8)

I have to admit

I have been watching him the last couple of weeks (like a parent watches for predators around the playground), as I have happened to be home during that time.

He has been doing this "Crime Inc." shtick, where he supposedly puts all the major players up on his chalkboard, and starts talking about global government etc.

He doesn't even scratch the surface, and leads you into the small fish's direction. A gatekeeper.

He supposedly has called himself a "Rodeo Clown", and I think he means it.

Think about it.

We are the 2000 lb. raging bull that has had our genitals cinched up in a painful strap.
The man (global banking elite cartels) is trying to ride on our back for as long as he can get away with it.
Beck is there with his colorful costumes, and clownish, homely behavior, to keep us distracted while "the man" escapes out of the gate in the nick of time.

It will be Beck's time to scramble out of the arena, but he is going to lose his footing on the fence rail, and fall, just in time for the bull to gore, and stomp him into the dirt.

I hope you're reading this Glennaddict.

could't agree more

props all around