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One Final Push! - Rand Paul Needs $10,000 for Radio Ads!


One Final Push! 4 days remain!
Donate at http://www.RandPaul2010.com

Dear friend of liberty,

It's Friday morning and I just finished seeing some patients here at my medical office in Bowling Green. People always seem amazed that I am still seeing patients during this rigorous campaign--but I remind them of what my wife told me when I got into this: "Don't quit your day job!"

This campaign has been an amazing experience for me. Talking to supporters every day has given me so much energy to continue spreading our message of limited government and liberty. The incredible news is: our message is winning.

We are in a campaign against a hand-picked establishment candidate. He has been backed by some of the biggest corporations and lobbyists in the country--many of whom were the beneficiaries of the rash of corporate bailouts and buyouts by the federal government.

On the contrary, our campaign has risen from the ground up--backed by tens of thousands of ordinary citizens who are excited to take back their party and take back their country.

Right now in the campaign, things are looking very bright--but I've continued to say that we will always campaign like we are 10 points behind. The final hours of this campaign are going to be intense.

My opponent is going to initiate an onslaught of negative ads against me--from his campaign and from his well-heeled friends. Despite the fact that these attack ads from my opponent are bad for the party and a sad sign of his weakness, I have to respond to these ads. For that, I need your help.

During the last 72 hours, we will continue to buy TV and radio ads. In fact, we're looking to expand our radio ads over this weekend to combat these negative attacks. Comparatively, radio ads are not expensive--we can do the entire program this weekend for about $10,000.

Will you help me in this final battle of the primary? Our opponent is backed by heavy corporate interests--but he does not have what I have: your unfailing support for our ideals and for my campaign.

If you could chip in, one final time during the primary to help, I would greatly appreciate it. At this point, anything you can give, even $10 or $20 will go a long way to fighting this closing battle.

You have been with me all the way, and I will continue to update you over the weekend and Monday. I feel like I am riding on your shoulders. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday night. Over 30 media outlets will be descending on Bowling Green to cover our election night events.

Thank you once again for everything you've done for us.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul, MD

Donate at http://www.RandPaul2010.com

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Rand is $4582 away from $3 Million...


Please dig deep. Let's put him over the top!

I'm getting ready to head out to walk my precinct.

Halfway there!

Rand is $44383 away from $3 Million...


Donate, yes DONATE! If we double down TODAY for Rand he can go over the magic number going into the final weekend!

To my fellow troops on the ground in Kentucky...get out and knock on doors in your neighborhood RIGHT NOW! Call and email your Republican friends and family and get them to the polls on Tuesday.

You all have no idea the number of HIGHLY PLACED AND INFLUENTIAL Republicans in Kentucky who are swinging to Rand in these final days. Ambassador Cathy Bailey is just the most visible one but there are many others. Trust me on this. Physicians, attorneys, corporate executives and many others who you would never have DREAMED would be supporting Rand at this point. It's happening!

And in case you missed it, Rand made his breakthrough into national conservative Talk Radio this morning when Laura Ingraham interviewed him on her show. She's rooting for him and the Tea Party movement and approved of his plan to shape a national Tea Party platform for conservatives to take to DC.

Be excited, donate, call and email but if there's one thing Rand needs from us this weekend more than anything else it's your prayers for him, his family and his volunteers.

Great post!

Great post!

Great interview including

Great interview including this amazingly proactive comment by Rand: “I’m going to work this summer to try to coalesce a Tea Party platform that includes things like term limits, a balance budget amendment, Read the Bills Act, an Enumerated Powers Act, propose we wait one day for every 20 pages of a bill before enacting it…”

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.