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Forcing Primaries In Connecticut!!!

The Race to Collect 2,000 signatures is on!

With the Connecticut GOP State convention one week away, Third District Congressional candidate Jeffrey Cheney supporters are not waiting until the convention to give fellow party members a chance to choose their candidate. Neither are Fourth District's Rick Torres or Fifth District's Bill Evans.

All of these candidates have the same things in common.

1. They have been motivated by the terrible circumstances our nation faces.

2. They have been moved to action by the astonishing inaction of the incumbent Representatives.

3. They are average citizens, hard-working wages earners or business-owners.

4. But they are above average in commitment to public service, intelligence, and determination.

5. They are the new leadership; they will not sit down and take orders, but rather rally other responsible-minded freshmen and caucus with problem solvers, NOT lobby-purchased incumbents.

6. They have the support of the average party members who face the harsh reality of our present economic crisis.

7. And, they are utterly despised by Connecticut's ineffective and corrupt GOP leaders, who feel obviously threatened by the upswelling of popular and invigorated leadership from below.

Now, Jeffrey Cheney has delegates who will nominate and second his candidacy at the Convention in Hartford. That much is certain.

What is less certain is the number of delegates who have been co-opted by "Connecticut's Finest Dinner Club," otherwise known as GOP State Central.

The top echelon insiders are doing what they do best: make enemies of hard-working, enthusiastic Republican party members while advancing the consulting careers of their dinner club cadre of repeat-losers.

Because of this top-level betrayal of hundreds of thousands of Connecticut Republicans by their leaders, no chances can be taken.

2,000 signatures by registered Republicans must be collected by June 8, 2010. That's three weeks to fulfill the stringent requirements set forth by the Secretary of State for holding a primary.

If you are a Republican resident in Connecticut's THIRD DISTRICT, and care anything at all about giving yourself and your fellow party members a choice in your candidate to face off against Rosa DeLauro (the most dangerous veteran incumbent in Congress), then get in touch with Jeffrey Cheney's volunteer squad, the Cheney CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM, and put your pen to paper.

Even better, join up with Cheney's CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM and help collect signatures from all over the Third District!!


The more wide-spread and diverse the signatures, the better. It will help spread the message of citizen empowerment in party politics.

This is a critical year. Its a CRISIS year.

The sword of Damocles, a debt bubble worth more than several dozen Greeces, is hanging over our heads.

HELP US SAY NO to insider politics. Help us depower Connecticut's Best Dinner Club and tell the fat cats in Hartford, NO to corrupt, bankrupting politics as usual!

And finally... NO to ROSA DeLAURO, whose 20 years of budget-breaking votes got us in this nightmare in the FIRST place!

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Oh yes, WE'RE GOING PRIMARY in Connecticut!

After the bizarre and backward byzantine ritual known as the Republican Convention saw the coronation of unqualified inbred elitists at state central, the REAL candidates for Congress and Senate have hit Main Street and beyond to get their signatures for the primary.

First out the gates is Justin Bernier in the Fifth District, who scored enough delegate votes to demand a primary election against Sam "Quit the senate race when it got too tough" Caligiuri. People's candidate Bill Evans and the affluent Mark Greenberg will hopefully join Justin in the primary by gathering signatures.

In the First district, Zydanowicz also scored enough for a primary; he was blessed by the oligarchs of state central but quickly dumped when Brickley appeared out of nowhere, demanding feudal rights of her father's ancien regime be respected.

In the second district, Daria Novak shocked all by not only being the peoples' candidate but also winning! It was a development calculated to boil Chairman Healy's blood, since his personal picks were sidelined. In a bizarre twist, second will be a case of the outside defending herself against two insider picks who scored enough to force a primary.

Third District was by the book. Elitist insider, party treasurer, and party partier Jerry Labriola the Younger secured his nomination, locking people's choice Jeffrey Cheney out. But he was extremely unhappy owing to the fact that he'd bought rounds of drinks for all the delegates and 10% STILL didn't go for him. Cheney's gotten almost enough Signatures to secure a primary.

In the fourth, Debicella walked over everyone else, since he's been the annointed grand duke of the insiders along Connecticut's Golden Shore. Torres, Merkle, and Gregory must collect signatures to secure their rightful place in a primary.

On the senate side, an ocean of cash from the WWE mistress washed away the competition. In classic imperial feudalism, MacMahon purchased her royal title, leaving the ultimate insider and political graft profiteer Rob Simmons scrambling for a primary. Peter Schiff is mobilizing for a two-week signature blitz as well as Vinnie Forras.

All that's left is for Corey Brinson to buck the vast knightly fortunes of Sir Jerry Farrell and force a Sec of State primary!

Stay tuned.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

The seats are getting hotter

The seats are getting hotter for Connecticut's Finest Dinner Club (often called GOP State Central).

Now they're attempting to derail a successful grassroots effort by Daria Novak in the Second District.

The Dinner Club's chairman, Chris Healy, convinced ex-news anchor Janet Peckinpaugh at the last second to use her "star power" to force a primary in the Second. Penckinpaugh reported having "many phone conversations" with the Dinner Club's chairman.

Which is funny, because NONE of the citizen candidates have ever even gotten an email response from the chairman. Apparently, they're all too provincial, too backward, too common to be part of Connecticut's Finest Dinner Club.

So they gotta go!

Peckinpaugh is well-known for her news reporting and suing her co-anchor for sexual harassment. If she wants to jump in this thing, BRING IT ON!

COnnecticut's Finest Dinner Club has made Peckinpaugh think she'll get a wine-and-roses treatment once she's out among the people. But she's in for a shock.

Connecticut REpublicans, the average working party members, that is, are not interested in some annointed dupe from The Dinner Club.

Daria Novak has a huge army of volunteers, and they want to get a smart and responsible candidate of the people into office to help end the slow bleeding of America.

Last thing they want is yet another RINO hack wannabe with the Dinner Club's blessing.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


for action!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.