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classmate's cell phone video, teacher beats student

HOUSTON – The family of a 13-year-old whose beating by a Houston charter school teacher was caught on a classmate's cell phone video has filed a lawsuit against the teacher and the school.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday on behalf of Isaiah Reagins by his mother, Alesha Johnson.

Science teacher Sheri Lynn Davis was fired Monday night from Jamie's House Charter School. Her dismissal came after video of Reagins' beating became public.

His family says the boy suffered a black eye and other bruises. Johnson says she's taken her son out of the school.

Davis' attorney, Chip Lewis, says he and his client will have a Friday news conference.


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BTW: A beatdown is completely different than corporal punishment

A beatdowns is way too emotional with the intention of making a person submissive...to break the person's will.

Corporal punishment is unemotional (even benevolent) with the intention of correcting a person's specific behavior...to make the person stronger.

I'm not saying that schools should bring back corporal punishment. Adults today just don't have the judgement they used to...and thus would abuse their physical power.

My Kindergarten teacher

washed my mouth out with "Formula 409" cleaner. I thought that was bad.

This person is a monster. I'll bet the kid was no angel, but this is sheer insanity.

PS. I would have rather seen that happen to George Stephanapoulos after his Ron Paul interview.

Is that wrong? I'm sick huh...

"News" story says there are no stats on how much teachers attack

That's bullcrap.

They just didn't want to show how rare this is...that this is just a nut who attacked a kid and not a representation of teachers.

Basically, they want to make the "story" as emotional as possible so they make it seem like teachers are beating their children.

The REAL story is that children are beating their teachers...they even slipped the figure in the "story": 1 in 6 teachers are being attacked...that's way too much.

Likewise, there is more student on student violence...which further depicts the LACK of respect for the teachers and staff that run the place.


nm, I see it