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Waddell the official scapegoat for 1000 point market crash UPDATED


Of course, nothing wrong was really done... and a few paragraphs down we see who else played along...

"Gensler said there was no suggestion that the trader, who he did not identify, did anything wrong in only entering orders to sell. Gensler said data shows that the trades appeared to be a bona fide hedging strategy.

The CME document shows that during the sell-off and subsequent rally, other active traders in e-minis included Jump Trading, Goldman Sachs, Interactive Brokers, JPMorgan Chase and Citadel Group."


UPDATE: Now Reuters is carrying the story. Anybody here understand how big this is yet?

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"Audit the Fed" - hahahaha!

Yeah, now we all should understand that if the Fed is genuinely threatened, GS WILL melt Wall Street.

We need to turn our back on Wall Street, and let them melt it. I am astounded that only 2 folks have an inkling of the implications here... Maybe today it will sink in?
Got metal?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

If This Is True.

The Waddle company should have known what would happen if they tried to sell 75,000 e-mini futures contracts, all at once.

How about if I sell 10 million Goldman Sachs shares all at once, and I get backing from a fake bank?

Do I go to jail after it's found out that it was calculated fraud? Of Course !



That is correct. Everyone involved was playing games, deliberately.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

No one is interested, eh?

I would be willing to bet that this will get discussed later. Not enough coffee yet, maybe? This is the folks with Gold Mansachs giving it to us again. I think it lends some credence to the theory that GS was putting pressure on Congress with market games.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.