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Phone Bank for Left and Right Unite Against War: Dennis and Winograd

Now primary season is upon us and it's time for anti-war left and anti-war right to unite to provide the first of many knock-out blows the incumbent War Party so badly deserves. In CA Neocon Democrats Jane Harman and Nancy Pelosi, the pro-choice, pro-gay versions of Neocon Republicans, are facing challenges from the anti-war right and the anti-war left in the primaries. In CA 8 Pelosi faces John Dennis if he can win his primary with his Neocon Republican opponent. In CA 36 Jane "Never-met-a-wiretap-I-didn't-like" Harman faces staunchly anti-war Marcie Winograd in the Democratic primary. Winograd is strong and polled 40% of the vote in her last run against Harman. With a little help she can knock her out.

In 2008 Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Chuck Baldwin urged us to put aside partisan differences for the sake of the most important principles that we can agree on:

The 4 Principles:

► 1. Freedom from Central & Foreign Bankers
► 2. Freedom from National Debt & Bailouts
► 3. Freedom from Wars & Empire
► 4. Defense Of Our Civil Liberties

Both Winograd and Dennis are solid on the four principles. If you want to see Neocons who keep the wars funded like Pelosi and Harman gone, jump onto the new phone bank operations they have just opened. (Neocons come in different flavors, Democrat and Republican, but they both keep the wars going by continuing to fund them.)

The deadline to register to vote in a party primary in CA is May 24, and independents can vote in either primary on June 8. Therefore, you can make a huge difference by talking to your fellow Americans in these districts heart to heart, about saving our country from these incumbents. An old leftie in San Francisco might be impressed that John Dennis wants to stop the wars and review the empire's overseas bases. Or a Ron Paul Republican in Harman's district might be persuaded that a Democrat solid on anti-war, civil liberties, and bail-outs is better than warmonger, Constitution-shredder Harman. Personally I'd vote for Donald Duck against Harman.

Pass this along to your friends on the left who can't stand Pelosi. You'll find there are many of them who want the Wicked Witch of the West to melt. The knockout of 2 major establishment politicians, by both the right and the left, would send shock waves across the nation. But like in any boxing match you've got to use both your right and your left dukes.

Remember to tell the voter he or she can register to vote in either primary right up till May 24th.




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five stars - Thank you

great post - Thanks!!

Unity Against Fascism!!

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Yes! Pelosi out!

Two good candidates!


get rid of Harman? Fine by me.

Release the Sandy Hook video.