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Anderson Cooper "interviews" Lt. Col with BC questions


Cooper is completely out of line. If you would like to tell him so, please do:

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I'm with you


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Bump for truth

Not that anyone around here gives a flying fuck about truth any more... How about a bump for PEACE? Anybody had enough murder and mayhem yet? No?

Well, then... bump for one disgusted granny. Y'all have a great, great day. You have really done a fabulous job of becoming what we sought to destroy. I am going to go try to grow some food for myself, the local critters, and any neighbors who might get hungry. I will not be voting for anyone to re-present me by lying, murdering and being an apologist for Mossad (or helping them with obedient silence,) or churning a FRN to End the Fed, or any of the utterly insane things you "Liberty Lovers" now do rather than speak truth, or even speak in favor of it. It is just political suicide, we simply cannot win an election sticking up for truth, can we? Um, please explain what it is we DO win by not challenging the lies and liars? Cuz, I am thinking we win a little trip to FEMA Camp. What the fuck are you crazy people thinking?

SOVEREIGNTY. For the love of all that is good, stop being a child. Grow up and accept responsibility to govern yourself, and even to deal one on one with the Creator. You cowards will bow to your preacher and your elected officials all the way to the gas chamber. And I heregby withdraw ALL OFFERS to come help you if you get in trouble. You have chosen to play the game, you have been made keenly aware of who owns the game and who always wins the game. You chose to play anyway. Enjoy.
Ghandi was a lying tool, you know? That quote about what is good always winning in the end, that is a placebo. What is good has never won yet, but we all settle for beating the wolf form OUR door. If the jack booted thugs are kicking down the neighbor's door, well, that is not MY problem, is it?
The jack booted thugs are kicking down doors all over the world. They are wrapped in an American flag and carrying a cross. You are going to go consent to this by participating in an election that you know is rigged.
You are nuts.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I just watched that video.

I just watched that video. Anderson Cooper was really badgering the guy he was interviewing. Cooper doesn't seem to have any meaningful understanding of the Constitution nor the requirements it sets upon Presidents since he tried over and over comparing the natural born citizen requirements for a President to thousands of others in the military who the Constitutional requirement does not apply to. Cooper doesn't seem to realize that there is a unique citizenship requirement for Presidents. Maybe he hasn't read the Constitution or doesn't understand it well.

Aside from all that, when this stuff upsets you think of that song from the movie anger management with Jack Nicholson & Adam Sandler. Even when something has me mad I'll often crack a smile when I think of that goofy song that Nicholson made Sandler sing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9sE55QzXlo


It is not a question of "understanding"

Cooper is a tool. What you witnessed there, is the same thing you witnessed during the 2008 debates. He is doing the bidding of his masters.
Same with Glenn Beck's treatment of Medina. He is an establishment tool.

Angry much?

I agree with much of what you write, but you make it out like we are the ones that are supposed to stop all the madness in the world, and we are not working according to your plan.

Since when were we tasked with this responsibility?

What would you like us to do Paul4won?

Is an email to Anderson "twinkletoes" Cooper going to be the death blow to the NWO?

It is almost like being tied to the tracks, and watching a train coming at you. Frustrating, to say the least.