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Amnesty? $1 billion, 30-week processing program revealed...

I hope WND will pdf the document for all of us to see.


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, already has drafted a plan for processing 13 million illegal alien applicants for amnesty in a 30-week period at an estimated cost of $1 billion, WND has learned.

The plan, a copy of which was obtained by WND, anticipates the approval of so-called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" legislation pending in Congress and assumes a nine-month ramp-up period for processing of applications.

The undated draft report anticipates the possibility of the legislation requiring public benefits to amnesty applicants.

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Where's the plan?

They say they have obtained a copy of the plan. So why didn't they link to it?

I'm sure Schumer is working on something as the principal Israeli agent in the government, it is his job to destroy us.