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UPDATE: MSNBC defends fraudulent Rand Paul transcript as "technically correct", makes no apologies

I've noticed a few recent news articles are reporting Rand had the following exchange with Rachel Maddow.

Maddow: Do you think that a private business has the right to say, "We don't serve black people"?

Paul: Yes. I'm not in favor of any discrimination of any form...

If you go to the video however, Rand obviously never said the word "yes". Here it is, cued up to the exact moment:

It was merely some sort of insignificant vocalization to maintain the flow of conversation that was already made difficult by the satellite delay. Now he WAS laying out what the arguments would be for "yes", but he never actually said "yes". It makes a BIG difference to insert that word there.

Here are some of the major media outlets I have come across that are using the nonexistent "yes" quote:

After doing a little google searching though, you will see that those articles above are just the beginning. Both the New York Times and the Associated Press articles have been syndicated in MANY major media outlets (too many to list) and also many many more smaller media outlets.

UPDATE: Looks like MSNBC released a fraudulent transcript that is the source of all these misquotes popping up.

UPDATE #2: A fill-in for Rachel Maddow acknowledged on Friday's show that their transcript was "totally misleading", but said the quote was still "technically correct" and declined to apologize for it. The host also acted like it was just the New York Times that used the misquote, when in fact there were many more media outlets that did, all because of their shady transcript.

Here is the video from Friday's show:

UPDATE #3: NewsBusters has picked up the story and is linking to this thread!

UPDATE #4: DP user j has pointed out ANOTHER misquote of Rand Paul by the Rachel Maddow Show. From Thursday's show:

UPDATE #5: Influential Kentucky political blog BlueGrassBulletin has picked up the story and is linking here as well:

UPDATE #6: LewRockwell.com is linking here!

UPDATE #7: More than 4 complete days after the original interview and 2 complete days after the clarification segment on The Rachel Maddow Show, none of the news outlets I listed above have bothered to correct the record in any way that I can see, including the New York Times, who was specifically corrected on air by The Rachel Maddow Show. MSNBC has not corrected their transcript either, even though they admit it is "totally misleading".

UPDATE #8: Hmmm... On "The Maddow Blog" on the MSNBC website, there is a version of the transcript with the "yes" left out:

MADDOW: Do you think that a private business has the right to say we don't serve black people?

PAUL: I'm not in favor of any discrimination of any form...

How about a little consistency here? Do they even have any written procedures in place for transcribing? Or were they just playing dirty tricks?

Actually, I don't think they have any written procedures in place at all, because here is the 3rd version of their transcribing technique I have found:

MS. RACHEL MADDOW: Do you think that a private business has a right to say, "We don't serve black people"?

DR. PAUL: I'm not in, I'm not in, I'm not in--yeah--I'm not in favor of any discrimination of any form ...

The 2nd and 3rd versions are really a lot more accurate than the 1st version. Unfortunately, the 1st version was the one that counted. And they still haven't corrected it.

UPDATE #9: Before MSNBC points fingers at the New York Times, they might want to issue a correction to the article on their own website.

They didn't write it as it is an AP article, but they should still be able to issue a correcting statement at the beginning or end of the article, or just remove it.

UPDATE #10: Andrew Breitbart's bigjournalism.com has picked up this story and is linking here! Excellent article.

UPDATE #11 Before It's News, Infowars, and Prison Planet have all picked up this story!

UPDATE #12: Paul Mulshine of nj.com has written a very good article on this that links to this thread and he excoriates Rachel Maddow for her pathetic display of journalism.

Real Clear Politics also picked this up.

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Maybe he should sue because

Maybe he should sue because it will draw attention to what they do to people.

My family (all born and raised in Kentucky)..

often acknowledge a question or comment with "yeah" before proceeding to their answer or rebuttal...MadCow's attempt at the ol' play on words has backfired on her and has made her a laughing stock and a fool. I wouldn't put much worry into her lies as it is quite obvious to any rational human being as to what Rand meant...

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Bump again...

and again...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

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This thread needs a bump

This thread needs a bump today.

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Somehow...I think it was an orchestrated campaign.

Invite some "saboteurs" to Rand Paul's events and then have the media run their usual smear tactics. This time it's about free choice and employment discrimination.

The media are the biggest enemy the American people have.....Deluge these sellouts and tell them Rand has never said anything about employment discrimination!



Shame on the media!!!

#1 Featured Story on Before It's News!

It's got the "Hot!" label too!

Check out the front page!


I never heard of this website before but according to Alexa it gets as much traffic as bigjournalism.com. Cool!

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google MSNBC lies

GE & MSNBC: Lies and Greed | Novatownhall | April 27, 2009

THR reported the upset at a GE board meeting directed at Immelt, the CEO of GE who is pushing for green power, and who has pushed other left-wing causes.

“The crowd was very upset with MSNBC because of its leftward tilt,” one attendee said. “Some former employees said they were embarrassed by it.”

In short, the crowd was concerned about the biased reporting. The fourth estate has an obligation to report the news straight. While it is impossible to do this perfectly, MSNBC gave up trying years ago.

Under Immelt’s leadership, MSNBC has become a major proponent of left, Barak Obama, and the Democrat party, and has hired several pieces of flotsam from the failed ‘Air America’ catastrophe. MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank relative to where they where several years ago — not that they where all that great back then ...

Read more / MUST SEE VIDEO: only to hear report of meeting attendee.
~ ignore that he is being interviewed by Beck schill.

again, thanks for the great job you are doing, ron_paul_is_awesome!

I did

It even comes up as one of the suggested search terms, lol. Will it become more relevant on the results the more people that google that phrase?

bump for liberty! This outta

bump for liberty!

This outta be on the front page!

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Andrew Breitbart's bigjournalism.com linking here

That's a pretty big website. Very good article they wrote, which is on the front page.

There is also a 2nd DailyPaul link at the very top of the front page (06 Did MSNBC Falsify Transcript of Maddow Show?)

the daily paul is going mainstream!


The BigJounalism article is also on the front page

of breitbart.com, which is a much bigger website.

Maybe Drudge will end up picking this up or something.

did you contact them? awesome work!

you should be proud!


They also gave you credit as "a very with-it DP reader"! No I didn't contact them though.

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"a very with-it DP reader"!

bump for update #9


bump for update #8


Still waiting for corrections

Its been 4 days since the interview and 2 days since the clarification was made on air by The Rachel Maddow Show. Not even the New York Times has corrected, even though they were specifically named on air by The Rachel Maddow Show. MSNBC hasn't corrected their "totally misleading" transcript either, nor have they apologized.

I noticed that too...


Will tune in on Monday to her show to see how she spins it...

She asked him "yes" or "no" more than once, and asked him the question 4 separate times trying to get Rand Paul to make a mistake. Rand didn't and he should have put an end to her line of questioning with "I've answered that question, aren't you prepared to ask any other questions?"

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Maybe MSNBC stock will go down big time

and they will lose advertisers


For update #4, you could highlight "ANOTHER misquote" (using underline, or something else), so people will see the second very important misstatement among all the useful information in the thread.

Brace yourself, Daily Paul.

Major political websites are linking to this thread. Huge traffic is coming.

I wish I had a job - then I'd

I wish I had a job - then I'd donate for the server upgrade!

Yes. Lew Rockwell

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Newsbusters - interview with Rand Paul

Excellent interview with a relaxed and calm Rand:

Rand Paul Strikes Back at MSNBC: I Need To Be Careful Going On Certain Networks

Good comment and feedback:

Good interview. I think
Sat, 05/22/2010 - 23:45 ET by GregE

"Good interview. I think he'll be fine. He realizes the razor teeth that are the media when it comes to any non-liberal candidate who threatens the Socialist, collectivist route they want this nation to take.

One thing I noticed he does, and he did it on Maddow, is that he doesn't know when he has successfully completed his answer. He volunteered another few sentences to further his overall viewpoint, somewhat outside of the realm of the question, which invited more scrutiny needlessly. I can't remember what it was that he said, but I distinctly remember, when I watched the Maddow clip, that he did it and I kind of cringed, thinking "ok stop, you answered it, stop talking now." And during the short continuation of his answer, I could see a look on her face as if she heard something that she could pounce on due to her biased agenda keeping her antenna up for anything where she could do so.

The mainstream media, I have to say, collectively could almost be considered evil."

more interesting twitters:

Kentucky political blog BlueGrassBulletin

has picked up this story and is linking here as well:

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Must Spew Nothing But Communism

Please add Update #4

Rachel Maddow caught lying on her own show about Rand Paul

Added it.