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Rachel Maddow caught lying!!!

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She got her orders:

OK Rachael, time to quit making nice with the Paul family and make a clean kill. Here's a sharp hatchet. Go get 'im!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Rachel, this is for

I have noticed

in the past, here on DP, there have been some who thought Rachel Maddow wasn't sold out to the NWO.

They don't get any worse than Maddow.
She's as bad as any of the others, including Hannity or Beck or whoever your favorite "worst MSM personality" is.
She is every bit as low down as any of them.
A snake.

Remember it.

Perhaps, Rand Paul should

Perhaps, Rand Paul should reject appearing on any MSNBC interview. They are mean spirited and troll the left with impugnity. Rachel Maddow has proven several times that she intends to bad mouth or harm anyone who is not of her ilk or would not publicly support gays...lumped in with minorities and handicapped just for good measure. Rand Paul's message is clear and consistent with historical perspective.Does she "hear" what he's saying?

The msm is a joke...

The msm is a joke...

Rand will

find a way to turn the tables and work this in his favor.

This silly charade will back fire in terms of blowback.

I know this for a fact because integrity and honesty will always prevail

The truth shall set you free!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


This whole thing was fabricated.