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A Progressive for Rand Paul

Rand Paul is coming under fire from the Left for his critical stance toward the Americans With Disabilities Act and parts of the Civil Rights Act. But Robert Scheer reminds progressives that they ought to care about foreign policy and the Federal Reserve, too, and Paul represents a move in the right direction for the GOP.

A Progressive for Rand Paul

By Robert Scheer

Tuesday's election results were pretty good for progressives. The retirement of that windbag chameleon Senator Arlen Specter is long overdue, and pro-labor forces were able to push Senator Blanche Lincoln into a runoff in Arkansas. Even the big tea party win in Kentucky has its bright side.

Count me as one lefty liberal who is not the least bit unhappy with the victory by Rand Paul in Kentucky's Republican primary for the US Senate. Not because it might make it easier for some Democratic Party hack to win in the general, but rather because he seems to be a principled libertarian in the mold of his father, Representative Ron Paul, R-Texas, and we need more of that impulse in the Congress. What's wrong with cutting back big government that mostly exists to serve the interests of big corporations? Surely it would be better if that challenge came from populist progressives of the left, in the Bernie Sanders mold, but this is Kentucky we're talking about.

Rand Paul, like his dad, is worthy of praise for standing in opposition to the Wall Street bailout, which will come to be marked as the greatest swindle in US history and which was, as he noted on his website, an unconstitutional redistribution of income in favor of the undeserving rich:

"Federal bailouts reward inefficient and corrupt management, rob taxpayers, hurt smaller and more responsible private firms, exacerbate our budget problems, explode national debt, and destroy our US dollar. Even more importantly, any bailout of private industry is in direct violation of the Constitution. It is a transfer of wealth from those who have earned to those who have squandered."

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