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Rand Paul on Good Morning America - 5/21

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Rand Paul: When does my honeymoon period start?

Boom! George got Ron Pauled.

Rand Paul: Senator Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

Boom again George!

George is a jerk.

George, how about starting an interview properly by saying: Congratulations on your victory Rand.

George got what was coming to him.

I was very impressed with how Rand Paul conducted himself with this interview.

Rand Paul even said "Thank you!"

Rand Paul has every bit of his father's intellect, polemic skill, and class under fire.

I'm for Rand Paul. Any questions that anyone had about Rand Paul should have been answered by this interview.

Rand performed excellent in

Rand performed excellent in this interview!

Agreed! I thought he handled himself very well in this interview

.....as they say "he's a quick study."

I'm a pro freedom extremist

and in the context of the interview, I'd say Rand Paul absolutely crushed stephy. Remember, they are going out of their way to label him extremist in any way possible, and Rand has given them nothing. So, even though many of us want him to give a strong, unequivocal principled answer, you have to understand he understands the context very well.

Jesus never answered a question. He was being set up constantly, and had a way turning it back on them. Stephy wanted to protray Rand as a two toothed redneck, and Rand came across like a thoughtful person.

So give the guy a break. He's no radical like all us radicals wish for, but he's so much better than any other senator, let's acknowledge he's on our side and in a very tight position doing the best he can.

man you really have to hand it to rand

They are throwing the book at him as far as esoteric arguments against libertarianism and he is holding up pretty well. Winning a primary is one thing, we all need to adjust our message when addressing the democrats.



this is going to be a long campaign folks

That was a gotcha interview

That was a gotcha interview if I've ever seen one. They are out to fry him before he even gets started.

that was good


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Rand Paul 2016

Wow, I didn't realize Rand is...

1) A racist
2) Corporate greedy and anti-environment
3) Pro slave labor

That's the problem with defending Liberty - It takes a deeper and more intellectual thought process to understand its virtues (despite its necessary inconveniences) and thus requires a longer time to explain/sell.

Instead it's much easier and quick to feed a complicit audience the messages above by seeking short yes or no answers without delving further.

The establishment media knows this and loves to exploit it for their own political gains. And because so many people buy into this sh** I'm sometimes ashamed to be human.

BTW - Every time I see that Mr. "that's not going to happen" pompous a** I just want to vomit.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

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I too will never forget that reporter;s

disdain for the good doctor, and his in-your-face rudeness.
And the oaf still shills for the Evil Empire.

I have a list. The rudest and

I have a list. The rudest and most disrespectful people during the 2008 campaign were:
George Stephanopoulos
Mitt Romney/Rudy Giuliani
Chris Wallace
I will never forget either.

You forgot Anderson Cooper "Vanderbilt".

You forgot Anderson Cooper "Vanderbilt". He promised he would allow time later for RP to answer a question at around 8:30 and NEVER did! He prevented RP from contributing to the debate in CA at the Ronald Reagan Library.


The way I look at it, none of

The way I look at it, none of them are worthy to even carry Ron Paul's luggage. How dare they be disrespectful to this honorable and intelligent man? What have any of them ever done to help restore the Constitution, stop the government from stealing our money for all manner of special interests, including immoral and perpetual wars? Nothing! All they seem to be able to do is be hateful, snarky, and magnify all that is wrong with the two party system.

There is nothing

about Rand Paul that inspires me. Either A: He doesn't want to repeal those laws, in which case he doesn't get my support. I want those laws GONE. Or B: He does want those laws repealed but is lying to get into office, something I also find despicable.

But Rand is acting too spineless for me. Get out there and tell the people the government sucks and we need to repeal en masse! If you can't get elected on that then it wasn't meant to be!

You are a posterboy

For why libertarians never win anything. You insist on juvenile, ideological purity which means if you can't vote for yourself, you have no one to vote for.

go hide in a cave somewhere and study your Lysander Spooner. When you grow up, come back down and join us as we take our freakin country back.

Let's do it.

Rand is not a libertarian.

Rand is not a libertarian. In fact, he differs in many ways with his dad, whom I support 100%.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

What exactly have you done anyhow?

to support his dad huh? Passed out fliers.. meetup group.. delegate.. WHAT? Cause it seems to me you're nothing but a armchair quarter back with a crappy opinion.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
-- Thomas Jefferson

Some libertarians say Ron

Some libertarians say Ron Paul is not a real libertarian either, due to his strong opposition to illegal immigration wanting to enforce immigration laws, and his opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. Personally, I don't call myself a libertarian, I call myself a Ron Paul supporter, because I agree with Ron Paul on illegal immigration(not just getting rid of welfare, but all the other numerous things he's said he would do as far as his plans for solving the illegal immigration problem).

Point A doesnt make much

Point A doesnt make much sense. Even Ron Paul has priorities. I don't want to repeal those laws either because we have so much other stuff to do.

Ventura 2012

What happened to

"where does it say the federal government can set minimum wages in the U.S. Constitution?"

I'm disappointed in Rand's answers.

There's more important issues -- like getting past

this Political Sandblasting and getting his new office in order.

He will be pulling 18hr days for the next 12 weeks minimum.

It's actually a form of torture a Talking Point Water Boarding if you will; and when people are being tortured they will tell you what you want to hear.

He isn't selling out -- Give him a breather.

This is also a hazing.

If I were him I would not have taken any interviews for a month.

Also, he is anwersing these touchy questions incorrectly -- it's what I call the Rothbardian "effect."

His answer to the minimum wage questions and BP was top marks -- with room for improvement.

He botched the civil rights question though his answer is ultimately correct.

Rothbardian effect

What's that?

Limelemon: What's that?

The mistake made by Austrians when they started "battling" Marxism -- they got side tracked.

Mises new back in the 30's that freedom lies in consumer-sovereignty -- which is not owner or work sovereignty.

Rothbard, of all the Propertarian Austrians, was the most "re-hijacking" of Marx's term, capitalism -- which Marx defined as economic-fuedalism.

Marx was viewing slavery (that was his day) in America
---Slavery is a Propertarian Model

Marx was viewing the relationship between the Industrialists and Big Gov't (of his day)

Economic-Fuedalism means Owner's Rights (with a nationalist) bend and backed by Big Gov't

Marx was WRONG because he wanted the inverse of Capitalism which was Prolitarianism or (Worker's Rights)
---A wedding between workers and big gov't

Back to the main point

The mistake was that the Austrians lost sight of "consumer-sovereignty" to battle the real threats of Keynesianism and Marxism and Fascism -- it's my intention to bring this focus back.

Octobox, good heavens

Just come out of the Marxist closet already. Jesus.

Vanilla: I'm making Mises argument

---I don't understand why you keep saying that?

Marx -- Woker's Rights
Rothbard -- Owner's Rights
Mises -- Consumer Rights

We are all consumers -- there's no such thing as creating or "producing" that does not have consumption preceding it.

Consumption means: 1) To Transform, 2) To Use, and 3) To Diminish.

We consume: knowledge, resources, nutrients, air, water, fuel, and energy (etc etc etc).


...spending even a few minutes on national TV with an intellectually vapid hack like Stephanopolous is a waste of that time.

He's not going to get any supporters from television programs like the piece-of-shit Good Morning America.

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Minimum wage

They are just going to start asking about any random thing to see what he'll say.

They must of forgot about the financial reform bill that passed today.

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Southern Avenger on the Rand Paul brou ha-ha

I think Rand did great on this interview!

You should hear SA Jack Hunters take on it..
He nails it as usual..watch


(and bump that thread please?)

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

Rand did terrific here

I was worried but this was an awesome performance by Rand.

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