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Jack Conway Starts Campaign Of Fear With A Lie

Marcus Carey at Bluegrass Bulletin writes:

Some are now saying that Jack Conway started the firestorm against Rand Paul which raged across American Liberal Media yesterday with a lie. A look at Conway's statement which was the spark for that firestorm reveals that the media bought into Conway's lie.

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If Jack Conway cannot produce a statement by Rand Paul calling for the "repeal" of the Civil Rights Act, or the "repeal" of the ADA, then he lied.

It is now obvious to some that the DNC likely cued Chris Matthews in advance of this series of questions. It is also likely that they put Jack Conway up on the show to fire the first lie of the campaign.

But that's nothing new to Rand Paul, he won a landslide primary victory against a campaign based upon similar lies.

The real shame is that now his former GOP opponent will likely take heat for having handed the liberals some of the ammunition that they will fire against Paul until November.

Everyone knew that the liberal media was going to go on attack against Rand Paul. He represents not only a threat in this one race, but he represents an opportunity for the democrats to put a stain on Mitch McConnell, the most powerful republican in the nation.

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UPDATE: May 21, 2010

Chris Matthews Sets Record Straight: Jack Conway Lied

MATTHEWS: He has never called for repeal. Jack Conway was wrong last night in saying he had. That`s a fact.That`s a reportable fact. He has never said he wants to repeal it. In fact, he`s never categorically said he would have voted against it had he been in the position to do so. [VideoCafe]


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Well Matthews I hate to say

Well Matthews I hate to say it, but thank you for coming out and saying that.

The dirtiness of the game

amazes me. The point is clearly to win by any means necessary - and then vote with Obama, Reid or Pelosi on all issues.

There are good people on both sides but I think Rand is the first real challenger of status quo for a long time and that why he is so dangerous to both parties.

This race and Rand overall will be closely followed and I think Rand made a wise choice to skip Meet the press after the Rachel Maddow attack piece.

However I think this issue will only hurt Conway in the end as everyone understands that Rand is no racist and trying to say that he is will backfire.

I think the article in Slate tells it quite well.


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I agree with you matias.

This will backfire. Rand will win.


He clearly lied already...

This is great news for Rand Paul campaign, actually. The first public statement against his opponent, and this Democrat slime-ball flat out lies about one of Rand Paul's positions. First $1 million spent on TV ads, I'd edit this to clearly show that this guy makes things up.

I was surprised by the enthusiasm of his lie as well. Won't look good on camera if you cut it the right way.

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Conway: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Fast, slick talking, how long did it take him to memorize that script? A total put-up job, to be expected. Dig the dirt on him, it's there. Expose him and shine the light . . .


If this comes up again...

If this comes up again, he should ask the following...

What would you have done to someone who racially discriminates against someone? Put them in jail?

(Then explain that he believes that convincing people that racism is wrong is a better way of dealing with the problem than locking people up or fining them or taking away their business.)

If you knew that a business owner hates blacks, and if you were black, would you patronize his establishment? So what's the point, then?

Just like a lot of other things, the bad guys are just punishing themselves and there is no need to waste efforts on trying to change people's attitudes.


I think the difficulty for people who are libertarians now is that alot of us didnt grow up with racism or segregation as a way of life. Hence why I totally understand Rand and his position. His paradigm about racism is really a post 1964-civil rights act world.

I believe if he was around back then and truly opposed racism then he would view this bill as a necessary bill. Im sure he would argue for the "private" business point. But I think he would also understand that the only true way for the country to shed racism from the majority of life in this country would be to pass the whole thing.

I believe if it wasnt passed you would start to get large blocs of people segregated by race just because private business could say no "blacks" or even no "whites". Just as there are different districts in Iraq for Sunni and Shiite(sp). America is a melting pot and fortunately this is one law that helped unify a country rather then force another civil war.

I think the idea he may have better traction with is saying a private restaurant that has a "membership" can say they only want men, or women, or latinos, or etc. By having a paid membership and being "private" and only getting access to that business that way. Then I feel the govt can not interfere in terms of discrimination.

must be the thick skull...not

must be the thick skull...not much light coming through

Its only logical

Rand did it to himself. Now the BP bullspit. Rand doesn't deserve to be a US Senator.

Media trick - focusing on non-issues as usual

Rand did a great job. It is the media spin that needs to be addressed. Rand is one of the very few who deserve to be a senator. Rand is focusing on the current issues that matter to the people (hence got such great support) and the media is going way back when Rand was 1 year old and dragging everyone to that period. Don't fall for the tricks the media plays.

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Are you seriously saying he doesn't

deserve to be in that den of liars, thieves, murderers, bullies, torturers? For that matter, no good person deserves the fate of being with such monstrosities.

Mitch McConnell

Can't believe that this got so much coverage wnd mitch thing got nothing! No wait, I can

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

Abe Lincoln

Was he also a faggot?

No one should ever forget how shabally Beck treated Dr. Paul during the Presidential campaign or the conscienceless shillin he did for his fellow Mormon, Romney. As for Murdock, he was relentless in having Hannity O'Reilly constantly savage Dr. Paul so th

Hopefully Rand will use a

Hopefully Rand will use a clip of the video showing the face of Jack Conway when he made the statement and make the point that Conway is a lier who serves the establishment in Washington and not the people of Kentucky. The pimps and whores in Washington are responsible for the financial ruin we are experiencing today. Jack Conway is one of them.

but Rand SHOULD call for the repeal of the Civil Rights act !!

It's no business of the state to dictate how anyone may run THEIR business (provided that they do not harm or defraud anyone).
That's what "OWNERSHIP" means.
The alternative is FASCISM.
Rand could have used this episode to enlighten Americans
about freedom.
Instead, he is attempting to straddle the fence like a typical weasel politician.
For the life of me, I can't understand how otherwise-intelligent libertarians fail to see through this guy.
I guess it's what happens when people are desperate
for a leader.

Desperation is so

unattractive, Jack.

Rand responds on Rachel Maddow

It is obvious that Rand Paul is not a racists or against civil rights if you are intelligent enough to listen and understand. Rachel Maddow is intelligent but won't listen or try to understand because she is a democratic political hack on the attack. In this exchange she tries to tattoo Rand Paul's forehead as a "Right-Wing Libertarian Freak". Insisting he is saying something he is not saying with respect to private decisions by government mandate. Maddow's interview turns into a circus of defamatory allegations that are intended to derail Rand's political ambitions.


and then you die

Rand Paul and the Constitution

If Rand Paul does not favor the repeal of the Americans with Disabilities Act nor the Civil Rights Act of 1964. then he must accept the decisions that they were valid Congressional uses of the power to "regulate commerce among the several states. Someone should ask him what he feels the proper limits on such power are and how we can recognize them.

No one should ever forget how shabally Beck treated Dr. Paul during the Presidential campaign or the conscienceless shillin he did for his fellow Mormon, Romney. As for Murdock, he was relentless in having Hannity O'Reilly constantly savage Dr. Paul so th

What is the dirt on Conway?

What is the dirt on Conway? Rand will probably be making another excellent video advertisment about him.

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Great question! It's there for sure!

For sure!



Pass it around.

Needs a tweak.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

The Key To Life Is Not To Respond To Defamation And Lies....

The American People Will See Through The Lies, And In Particular, Kentuckians Already Know Of Rand Paul..

Jack Conway's Beliefs Will Be Exposed Throughout The Remainder Of The Campaign..

The American People Have Had It With The Lies And Flip Flopping On The Issues.

Conway Has Little Or No Chance Of Defeating Rand Paul As Long As Rand Doesn't Deviate On What He Has Said Or What He Believes..Especially The Core Issues Of The Campaign..

Rand Paul In 2010

Ron Paul In 2012

Ron Paul Is My President

"You Must Be As Wise As A Serpent, But Harmless As A Dove." ~ Christ

What's with Rand's comments about BP?

r u kidding me.

Conway received money from BP


So it begins...

LOL! This will be for good

LOL! This will be for good use ;), nice find valley6.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.

Think of this as an opportunity

to educate the public and turn them into Liberty lovers.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I agree

You couldn't buy this exposure for liberty principles. I hope Rand stands tuff so he can educate some folks.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
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The problem with this kind of

The problem with this kind of childish smear mongering, is that what Kentuckians really won't stand for come November, is the assumption that the only thing keeping supposedly racist little them from "discriminating" and being vile, is nice, "benevolent", rich kid lawyers and silver spoon baby kissers lording it over them.

Kentuckians know full and well who the scumbag is; the guy down the street running a gas station, or daddy's little lawyer bent on preening around Washington implying they're all a bunch of closet racists. Or at least enough Kentuckians do, to keep these kind of clowns relegated to irrelevant side shows like MSNBC and similar progressive ghetto drivel distributors.