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The ideological foundations of the GOP are changing...

Primary Results Upend Both Established Politics And Political Establishment

There was the Kentucky Republican primary, where a self-confessed political novice, Rand Paul, upended a candidate groomed and mentored by the Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. The belle of the Tea Party ball, Paul's desire to abolish the Department of Education and the IRS (among other colorful policy prescriptions) gives him conservative bonafides. But his antagonism of the Fed, his opposition of the Afghan surge, and his skepticism of the Patriot Act are positions that, on any given day, could put him in the cahoots with the chamber's only avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders.

On Tuesday, Paul's election was viewed almost strictly through the lens of what it said about Republican prospects in Congress. "The most important thing about Kentucky is that regardless of who emerges from the primary that person will be front runner going into November," offered Ed Gillespie, a longtime GOP strategist. "I am hard pressed to see the Republican nominee for the Senate losing in the general in Kentucky."

The more important message, in the end, could be that the ideological foundations of the GOP are changing - marinated, as it were, in a Tea Party brew.