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12 Ways to Fix Social Security

The Social Security program faces a long term financing shortfall. The trust fund's reserves are currently projected to cover payments until the end of 2037. Then there will only be sufficient resources to pay about three quarters of scheduled benefits. For full checks to be issued after that date the program's financing or benefit structure must be modified.

A U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging report released today outlines the policies Congress could institute to eliminate Social Security's projected deficit. Options include tax increases, benefit cuts, and program tweaks that could be implemented separately or in combination. "Many members of the Committee, including myself, do not support and actively oppose many of the options," writes committee chairman Herb Kohl in the report. Here's a look at the potential Social Security fixes.


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There is only one fix


Sell federal property to prop it up for those depending on it and let the rest of us just walk away.

I second that

although knowing our government they will end it and keep the tax.