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RAND WINS MSNBC / POLITICO's Own Poll - 59% of 24,787 Votes Said That RAND PAUL SAID NOTHING WRONG Or That He Could Recover

A Rand-mine?
Are Rand Paul's comments on the Civil Rights Act a fatal blow to his campaign?

I don't think he said anything wrong.
37 %

No. He'll be able to recover from this.
22 %

I'm not sure.
3 %

Yes. How can you say those things in this day and age?
39 %

Results are based on 24787 votes

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"Yes. How can you say those things in this day and age?"


Wow, interesting how they

Wow, interesting how they split the vote up to make it look like the "yes" one is the largest at first glance.


WHAT? How did he win? You

WHAT? How did he win? You just took the numbers and moved them around.

The question was: Are Rand Paul's comments on the Civil Rights Act a fatal blow to his campaign?

The majority said YES 39%. Next to 37% who said no.

How is that a win?

Seriously, can we keep the facts straight? I love the title of a thread stating that RAND wins MSNBC own poll, and then when you look he didn't. DOH!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


the reason they split the positives....for people like you who don't read past the longest little bar representing vote percentages.

They split the vote, there is

They split the vote, there is one "yes" it was a "blow", one "no" it wasn't a "blow", and another "I don't think so" which is the same as no wasn't a "blow". Add the two "wasn't a blow" and it's larger than the "yes". Either it was a bad poll or they were dishonestly trying to split the vote.


Could be some

who think he said nothing wrong but still won't recover ;-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

"in this day and age" is almost an magical word now

as if it's supposed to invoke some sort of resonance among people to let them feel good about themselves. what is good about this era we live in exactly, except a bunch of dependent people running around begging for money and help. people who are in need so bad they want to legislate to take those help granted and make them permanent.

not to be a picky son of a gun

But I think you meant to say magical phrase instead of magical word. That being said I completely see your point.

What I think is interesting based on the point Allan Colmes made at the very end of his interview with Ron about the idea there still is discrimination in the US military based on don't ask don't tell. How can one day the government be the facilitator of racism and segregation and the next turn around and pass the CRA of 64 to become the hero? How can one government rule be held up to such a high standard that you must not ever think to criticize it in this day and age but another on the very same subject be a major controversy? Why isn't the impeachable body consistent?

I guess its because too many people actually buy the line about how the government is us or we the people. They don't see like most libertarians do...as a criminal gang with a monopoly on violence.

that's indeed the true state of affairs

in regards to our government, but i doubt most who wear that "in this day and age blah blah blah is so much better" phrase on their sleeves are even informed enough to make an argument in regards to the role or nature of the government even if they tried to make a biased representation in favor of their side of the argument. to most of them, it's just a hollow sentence to invoke some sort of strange and false pride or good feeling for the young and stupid. as if they should feel good about themselves just because they were born recently, relatively speaking, and somehow being born late in this world automatically makes whatever you feel or say "right", just because "it's the latest". the phrase does little except fueling my existing prejudice against people trying to act "hippie" or "cool". or "hip-pop"ish.

I think in KY most agree with his position

Don't be fooled by the moron media of the east and west coasts. It is people in KY that are important.

They're just scared

he may run for president some time in the future.


Correct you are! I'm KY people..lol

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
-- Thomas Jefferson