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Couldn't The Minimum Wage Be Considered Price Fixing?

Last time I checked, we still had laws against price fixing, yet couldn't one consider a "minimum wage" to be price fixing...by the same govenment who would prosecute the average Joe for practicing it?

I say keep calling these people out!

If these MSM idiots where legitimate, they would focus on real hard-hitting stories! Perhaps they could continuously hound Tim Geithner on why he broke the law and didn't pay his taxes, until he is removed from office! Maybe a report on why Alan Greenspan is associated with companies like Paulson and Co. who are buying up failed banks - even though his policies help cause their demise in the first place! Why hasn't Andrea Mitchell interviewed her loving hubby about that on national television?

There are literally thousands of real stories of corruption and abuse of our rights that these mouthpiece fools could focus on but won't even touch, yet people in this country have become outraged by it!

This is the very reason why there are so many people who've held offices and positions of power within government (Like Snuffleuffigus and Karl "ought to be on death" Rowe) end up with such lofty positions of influence within the media! They are all getting shows now! They are the mouthpiece of today's America, not a truly Free Press! The fact that the press is so corporately controlled these days almost gives one a reason to repeal the 5th Amendment! It's certainly not "the Peoples Press" anymore!

Beside, what did we expect would happen here? Did we think that the power elite would just roll over and step aside? Suddenly, we have people running for public office who are a direct threat to their status quo and Rand Paul is one of those heroes! You bet they want to discredit Rand Paul!

The bottom line is that we are winning and they know it and they are running scared! This is nothing more that a calculated, all out attack on the remaining liberties that we as "individuals" have anymore!

GO RAND PAUL! Please keep exposing these shills for what they really are...greedy, parasitical, self-important, self-serving traitors to true freedom for which this country was founded upon!

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Great question

I don't know wage laws, but I think there should have never been one in the first place. Since we have one, prices went up on practicly everything. Wage laws allowed how much the greedy could get away with. If the wage law was struck down now, I could see lots of bad things happen like many more millions of people living on the streets and tent cities. The costs of rent, mortgages, loans, food, clothing, cars, etc would never be able to adjust.

I think the wage law was created by the elite and greedy to give people a false sense of a 'better' lifestyle, but it only made prices go up so it really hasn't done anything to improve peoples lives.

The basic structure of a house is pretty much the same as a house made say 50 years ago but now costs 10 times more for example. I'm sure the wage laws had a lot to do with it.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

I think you're right!


"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"