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Something to ponder for the weekend

I selected this post, not only for it's powerful connection to my own position as an Englishman, but the relevance it also appears to have to the politics surrounding my American friends.

Excerpt taken from "The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance"
by Eric Butler

Every increase in the power of Government is at the expense of the individual, who, as he loses not only power to make decisions for himself, but also loses his sense of personal responsibility, tends to become more and more satisfied to depend upon the State.

It is the undermining of the individual's belief in the basic principle of true freedom and the personal responsibility which goes with it, that has had such a deadly "softening up" effect on the peoples of the non-Communist world, and thus seriously lowered their resistance to the Communist challenge.

The Fabian Socialists have not only made a major contribution towards this weakened resistance; they have provided a smokescreen which has hidden the activities of both secret and known Communists.

In a secret message sent from London to the Internationale in Geneva in 1870, Karl Marx said that the English would never make their own revolution, and that foreigners would have to make it for them.
But there are not only violent revolutionary activities; there is such a thing as a silent revolution, the undermining of a nation and its institutions from within.

This is what the Fabian Socialists set out to accomplish.

When I read Marx's quote above, I can't help but draw conclusions when it comes to our seemingly loose immigration policy.

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Oh! Then there's the known Fabians who have controled the agenda here for the last 13 long years.


Tony Blair Former Prime Minister

Gordon Brown Former Prime Minister

Alistair Darling Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Peter Mandelson Former Business Secretary and European Commissioner

Ed Milliband Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and candidate for the next Labour Party Leader

David Miliband Foreign Secretary and candidate for the next Labour Party Leader

Ed Balls Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families and Candidate for Labour Party Leader

Hazel Blears Former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

David Blunkett Former Secretary of State for Education and Employment

List of some other influential Fabians:


Fabian fringe in Brighton attracts top names:


The list goes on...


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