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You crazy freaking people!

Here we go again....

Step back for a minute.

We are some crazy, paranoid, obtuse, ridiculous,skeptical and down right blunt people! We love to tear everything apart!

We are also practical, tolerant , wise and motivated driven to organize!

Look at us!

We on one hand are supercharged over Rand Paul and fighting to defend him.

On the other hand, We are slammin this guy for being a sell out.

I love this place!

Someone buy this guy some servers before all the entertainment ends...


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maybe not crazy

maybe we just have high expectations.

Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!

Some sites have the ability for a user to hide posts by author.

Free includes debt-free!

some are trolls

others are idealists. The stupid sheeple buy what the media gives them. Rand is not denying his principals. He is simply not choosing to debate people who can barely write their names. If they put you on the air you use it as a free campain comercial.

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