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MSNBC Continues It's Assault on Rand Paul's Policies;Connects Civil War,Terrorism of the Klan

MSNBC continued its attack on senatorial candidate Rand Paul on Friday. News Live host Lynn Berry brought on the Huffington Post's Ryan Grim to smear the Republican's libertarian leanings as possibly leading towards bigotry. At no time did Berry mention to her audience that the Huffington Post is an extremely left-wing website.

Instead, Grim was allowed to give a rambling diatribe in which he suggested that Paul's philosophy could be linked to racism and the post-Civil War Ku Klux Klan. (The Kentucky politician was questioned, Wednesday, by Rachel Maddow about the effectiveness of parts of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.)

Grim theorized, "And this thread goes all the way back to the Civil War." He continued, "Now, there was a campaign of terrorism and it was nothing more, nothing less than terrorism, by the Klan." After describing the effects of the end of Reconstruction, Grim opined, "And when that federal protection left, we had an experiment of what will happen if there's no federal protection against discrimination."

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Berry never questioned Grim's leaps in logic. Instead, she responded, "Ryan, you bring up a good point." At one point, she wondered, "Is this sort of the end of it or is this just the beginning?"

Clearly, if MSNBC has anything to say, this is just the beginning of the journalistic assault on Rand Paul.

On Thursday, MSNBC devoted eight segments over 37 minutes to the story.

A transcript of the May 21 segment, which aired at 2:30pm EDT, follows:

LYNN BERRY: Well, Rand Paul is answering his critics today, clarifying his position on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Paul, who won Kentucky's Republican senate nominee [sic], Tuesday is now saying that he supports that legislation. That's despite earlier comments that put that into question. Here's what Paul said this morning.

RAND PAUL [From GMA]: And when they say I'm for repealing the Civil Rights Act, it's absolutely false, never been my position and something that I think is basically just politics.

BERRY: Well, Ryan Grim is with the Huffington Post. Ryan, thanks for being with us. Where does this go from here? While he's clarified his position on whether or not he would have voted for the act, he still hasn't really positioned himself, as far as private businesses and what their rights should be. Is this sort of the end of it or is this just the beginning?

RYAN GRIM: This is just the beginning because this election is going to hinge on the question whether or not somebody who has a political philosophy like Rand Paul's belongs in the Senate. It is very important to think back to what he said earlier about BP. You didn't play that clip. But, he said it's un-American to challenge BP because BP is a corporation that has the freedom to operate in the United States and should, you know, business, it's all part of his- the free enterprise that he was talking about, which also goes back to, uh- which all goes back to his point that, uh, a business owner should be able to discriminate.

BERRY: These are- Go ahead, Ryan.

GRIM: These are both basically two strands of the same thread. And this thread goes all the way back to the Civil War. Right after the Civil War, the reconstruction Congress passed several constitutional amendments and Reconstruction state houses, which included African-American legislators and African-American governors, passed a lot of reform laws. Now there was a campaign of terrorism and it was nothing more, nothing less than terrorism, by the Klan. And it was partly supported the Democratic Party at that time. And it succeeded in driving out the federal government from the south. And the occupation of the south ended. And when that federal protection left, we had an experiment of what will happen if there's no federal protection against discrimination. So, the freedom to discriminate led to more discrimination, not less. And, so, it took 80 years until the '60s until they were able to push that back.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/scott-whitlock/2010/05/21/msnbc...

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We used to call mainstream

We used to call mainstream media "Communist Propaganda". I guess today, New World Order Propaganda would be more appropriate.

After all, Communism is, and always was a tool of the Insiders to facilitate they eventual control of the planet. Communism went on the back burner when it collapsed of its own weight - even with the massive transfer of US taxpayers' dollars. Today, it's the two-pronged threat of "Terrorism" and "Environmental Catastrophe".

As usual, the problems that face us fall into three categories: imaginary, exaggerated, or contrived. "Global Warming", AKA "Global Climate Change", formerly known as the "New Ice Age" is in the first category. It is mythical, just as the "hole" in the ozone layer. But it justifies usurpation of power to giddy minds.

The "Terrorist Threat" was created by our own politicians. They didn't invent the terrorists, they just turned them on us. Terrorism is very useful. It justifies more and more military operations to the simple minded, and it is used as an excuse to erode the Bill of Rights - another usurpation.

Exaggerated covers such ridiculous "emergencies" as lead in paint, or mercury thermometers. The gullible are afraid to go into a room with these materials, even though thousands of Americans have worked with them for decades and suffered no ill effects.

People in this website ought to know better than to listen to mainstream media - our Ministry of Propaganda.

Before the internet and vedio's "proof of truth"

the financial "enemy" was the bank to name a few.
You remember, Snydly Whiplash and Mary Ann as a hostage for her father's mortgage payment? This is all pre-1970 world of finance. Today is much, much different as the people have access to truth.
Ron Paul perhaps found philosophies from Cicero to Ann Rand. But all that was before "vedio on demand" and "exposing documents" on demand.
Truth is something new for everyone in this sea of main stream lies.
We are taking our country back state by state as they have taken our lands, freedoms and cultures incrementally and killed the Davidians and Ruby Ridge, and farm by farm confiscations and weaponized all the three letter words. Lot's of things that are "spoken of as being important" are not.
Everything Rand has been attacked over is somewhat irrevalent to our movement. Ours is a flowing river with nudges from nature, not nudges in the form of bribe and denial.

Ron Paul has a demeanor we can learn from or even embrace when talking with sociopaths. Less is more.
As Rand has the courage to begin swimming in this sea of lies, the "currents of nature" and of our movement is not in denial, and very meaningful.
Hang in there Rand! Less is more.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”


Truth abides with Simplicity... Keep It Simple

Democrats are idiots if they

want to start bringing up the Klan... It was a 100% Democrat institution at its inception... All Rand will need to do is gather up a bunch of Frederick Douglas quotes...

They will pay... NBC was already the mouthpiece for the left.

Now they represent the far left and are out there treading around in the space between Al Sharpten, the Green Party, Jesse "Who is my daddy" Jackson and PETA.

Talk about representing the finge; NBCosaurus (DINO-saur media [Democrat In Name Only]) is fringe looney left.

reedr3v's picture

They are dishonest shills, but Rand

is making himself WAY too easy a target with poorly considered comments. He needs to breathe deep and step out of the limelight, learn a lesson from his Dad's humble and sensitive educational approach.

He is tired and needs a week off.

That's all.

You could see it in his eyes even before these statements.

He simply needs a few days at home to re-coup. Then he will be good to go.

Maybe some alone time away from everyone would be even better.

He just needs a short break to gather his thoughts and re-coup from this exhausting primary victory / effort.