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Gerald Celente "On the Edge" with Max Keiser.

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for Keiser and Celente

I love that www.presstv.ir
bump for iran!

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Bump: Excellent post.

I know that it is like preaching to the choir here at the DP.

This post is more for the "visitors" to watch, whomever they may be, even our embedded CIA operative!

Deleted my post on same subject. Sorry I didn't look first.

Great combo

Worth 25' of your time.


I can't help it; I like Gerald Celente--

he points out the hypocrisies--

I like how he compares it all to the 'mafia'--

the 'white shoe boys'--


Either he's brilliant or he has insider information--

but . . .

I still like him--

he doesn't care what people think; his style isn't too different from Dr. Paul, though Dr. Paul isn't quite as . . . punchy--

but he's not as 'mean' as Glenn Beck--

he touches the 'sacred cows' of our socioeconomic culture--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Gerald is Awesome

Him, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers... those guys are honest Economists... love em for the truth and the awakening they have allowed me to attain through their many speeches and interviews.

Celente tells it like it is.. Punchy yeah a bit, he gets right where every american should be

Pissed OFF!

I haven't listened yet but

this ought to be good, those two guys are both so outspoken.

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