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Rand Paul, Rachel Maddow and the issue of not being “mainstream”

Well, Rachel Maddow drew first blood earlier this week on her show as she grilled Republican candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky on his views of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whether he’d repeal it. Actually its Paul’s democratic opponent Jack Conway that started the campaign of un-truths, however Maddow got the larger audience.

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Maddow is Mainstream

A corporate lackey, mainstream media stooge.

That little dude is okay in their book. :)

When i watched this

I could not help but keep thinking how ignorant she sounded with regards to our liberties. Rachel you need to get a clue, this goes beyond the lines of who's freedoms are we going to invade and cross? She did not see it as an invasion to the business owner at all. Good job Rand on sticking to your beliefs and with regards to everyone's freedoms concerned.

Rachel had a show a while back

on Obama's Gitmo policy regarding "preventive incarceration" of terrorists and how it was unconstitutional...

Isn't "preventive bigotry" legislation just as unconstitutional when it assumes people are going to be bigots and institutes laws to force them into compliance thus elevating one particular race or religion to "protected" status?

Just thinkin' out loud...

Jack Conway should more

Jack Conway should more concerned about the Cap and Trade and Conflict of Interest skeletons in his closet.


Conway's Ties to Kinder-Morgan Energy: Part 2

Conway Fails to Report Huge Investment in
Kinder-Morgan Energy on State's Executive Branch Ethics Form

Conway Invests Millions in Texas Energy Co.
That Favors Natural Gas over Clean KY Coal

If 'Cap and Trade' Passes, Conway to Make Huge Profits
While KY Families Lose Jobs and Pay Higher Electric Rates



Sunday, April 25, 2010
Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway may financially benefit from Utility Rate increases

Serving as the chief advocate for the consumer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway represents the consumer during negotiations for utility rate increases. But it appears that he may financially benefit from these utility rate increases in some way via his stock in Kinder Morgan Energy.

According to financial disclosures Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway owns between $1 to $5 million in stock in Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan Energy. Records also show that Kinder Morgan Energy Partners own many petroleum and coal storage terminals in Kentucky (Source).

In 2010 the Kentucky Public Services Commission (PSC) approved a $6 million utility rate increase from Atmos Energy, a Texas based natural gas utility company. Attorney General Jack Conway personally approved the $6 million rate increase while serving in his official capacity as the Commonwealth's Attorney General.

Atmos Energy serves 180,000 customers in 38 Western Kentucky counties. According to the Federal Election Commission Jack Conway received over $10,000 in campaign contributions for his U.S. Senate campaign from Atmos Energy executives, PACs and Atmos’ lobbying firm, Capital Link Consultants. The campaign contributions alone raises serious questions about the appearance of impropriety. But the fact that Atmos Energy and Kindred Morgan Energy financially benefit from one another would suggest that Conway is guilty of a conflict of interest.

Records show that Kindred Morgan Energy own a large section of pipeline in Colorado called the Colorado Lateral which serves the natural gas transportation needs of Atmos Energy
(source). By Jack Conway owning large sums of stock in Kinder Morgan Energy, approximately 90% of his current stock portfolio, it would appear he is guilty of conflict of interest seeing that he financially benefits from Atmos Energy. The same utility company he approved for a $6 million utility rate increase in Kentucky.