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Coast Guard Under 'BP's Rules'

A foreign corporation is commanding our Coast Guard. That was pretty sneaky. Create a didaster big enough where even libertarians would be okay with it.


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Dont you mean US Coast Guard under British queen's rule?

Obama did bow down to her you know.

And Bush Senior was Knighted by her.

We are all now her subjects again.

So if you have a problem with whats happening in the gulf you need to take it straight to the queen.

Personally I think she needs to get her but down here to the gulf and get her hands dirty cleaning up.

But that will never happen as long as we are her subjects.



for dismay.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Actually they command Obama

He made the oil leak a matter of National security to impose a media blackout.

The US Coast Guard

was absorbed under the Dept. of Homeland Security during the Bush Administration, which throws them in the pot with INS, border security, customs, TSA and FEMA... oh yeah, and the Secret Service as well (which kind of gives the Executive his own private little army doesn't it? oops... that one slipped by... lol)