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Not Just FED - Abolish ECB!


Dear Joe (Joe Higgins, Member of European Parliament)

Although I do not belong to any political group (of the left, the right, or the centre), I nevertheless greatly appreciate the efforts that you and your colleagues are making to resist all the abuses that society generally is being subjected to at the present time.

I believe these abuses are being spearheaded by the "global banking cartel", and I further believe that unless their amazing and almost unbelievable ability to create money "out of thin air" (which they then lend to governments and charge interest on), is taken off the global banking cartel, there is not much hope of stopping the vast array of social abuses in question -- which I believe is adversely affecting the WHOLE of humanity (generally) in major ways: left, right, centre, and in-between.

In connection with this, I do know that in the United States Dr Ron Paul has been trying to have the Federal Reserve abolished, and I am wondering if you and your colleagues have any specific plans for the European Union, and its Federal Reserve equivalent: The European Central Bank?

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