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About Jerry Kane.

I met Jerry and his son in Las Vegas back in, oh Feburary I think it was, I even attended one day of his seminar and quite by chance met someone I knew from the rally in Minnesota.


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I am truly in shock what

I am truly in shock what happened to Jerry and his son. Two very important people for the future of freedom and sovereignity movement were slaughtered. I don't think it was a mistaken identity issue. He helped so many people to win their homes. Many of them were not charged for his gift of information. I really hope that who have ordered it, will pay for it. And soon.


give you a bump.
I hope you don't mind that I shared the above link at another forum...(it appears to be a public site, which is why I did not ask in advance). (Let me know, please).

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Jerry befriended me.

we met quite by accident. he was following his convictions. lets bump the other post. yes, this does appear to be a "hit piece" on our movement.
this post,

•MSNBC Runs a Hit Piece on the Patriot