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Rand cancels Meet the Press?

See last line:


***sorry this is a duplicate thread to another's previous post***

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It's funny how Obama as a

It's funny how Obama as a candidate and president, a public official, gets so many passes from the media. In fact I thought the media single handedly, especially MSNBC, elected him...yet they are all over Rand Paul as if he was the bogeyman. They are vilifying the wrong guy. Corporate Media is a dangerous entity.

Good Grief

Also in the Friday interview, on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Mr. Paul extended his belief that too much blame was being laid at the feet of business, by alluding to the deaths of 29 workers at a Massey Energy mine in West Virginia last month. “We had a mining accident that was very tragic,” he said. “Then we come in, and it’s always someone’s fault. Maybe sometimes accidents happen.” QUOTE

This should go over big in the coalfields of Kentucky.