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NYT: "The Perils of Textbook Libertarianism"?

Note, NYT does admit that Jim Crow was INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT. But goes on to suggest that Rand is a neanderthal.

Guys, although it does not feel like it, this has been a few great days for liberty.

Americans are having to give a glance a the philosophical complexity and perhaps occasional overreach of the 1960's civil rights legislation. Killing sacred cows are how a society grows. If we are going to bring people to liberty, we have to engage the verboten and untouchable.

We need to get people comfortable with freedom. This is a great discussion to have even if it is lead by the shrill and ignorant corporate media.


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In the "end", society (i.e.,

In the "end", society (i.e., the US) will not change as a whole. We already have strict dividing lines of ideology...one side who has an ideology (i.e., libertarian, Rothbardian, free-market, etc., etc.) and another side who has none at all - only doing what "feels good" according to the current moral trends rather than through logic. There is no way to convince anyone of anything logical if they make their decisions based on feelings.

There is ultimately no way to stop the US from splintering into at least two distinct nations. One will be extremely prosperous and the other will be lead into believing that the reason they have it so bad is because the prosperous evil sister has taken from them. The other nation will be mainly Mexican and located in the southwest resembling Mexico. Then the two nations (the Mexican one and the poor socialistic nation) will be in constant alliance (possibly unite) and war against the prosperous nation because they believe it is the source of their problems (i.e., they would have if only the wealthy nation would give them stuff).

These discussions are only leading to the choosing of sides... don't think for a second that there won't be a physical fight. There always is...

great few days for freedom?

Let's see:

The focus on Arizona immigration laws is keeping even the DP from thinking too heavily about U.S. military movement closer to Iran.

and . . .

Rand Paul is being expected (like his father) to single-handedly rescue the United States of America and restore *us* to the dream/vision of the Founding Fathers.

I say it is time to both lighten up and become more watchful--

and anyone skillful enough to juggle all of that is a dream indeed.

I like the idea of killing sacred cows. But if they are corn-fed and factory farm raised, I won't eat the meat.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--