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C4L- The political establishment is nervous.

Email from C4L:
May 22, 2010

Dear C4L Member,

The political establishment is nervous.

You were supposed to play by the script, give up resistance in despair as they passed one unconstitutional bill after another, and either stay home on election day or buy into more of their worthless promises and keep them in power.

Instead, you’re engaging in the process like never before and sending many of them into early retirements.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist expected to cruise to the Republican nomination for the Senate, but his quickly eroding support forced him to bolt the Republican Party and declare himself an Independent in an attempt to keep his political future alive.

In early May, Senator Bob Bennett, who voted for the Bush bailout in 2008, came in third on the second ballot and was defeated for renomination at the Utah Republican Convention.

And just this week, the establishment took a big blow when longtime senator, Arlen Specter, who many estimate switched to the Democrat Party mainly to win his primary, lost to Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania.

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln is fighting for her career after failing to get 50% in her primary and being forced into a June runoff election.

In Kentucky, Washington GOP insiders had crowned Secretary of State Trey Grayson as their nominee months ago, but the people mobilized behind constitutionalist Dr. Rand Paul and propelled him to a blow out victory, 59%-35%. Rand described his victory as one that sent a clear message that activists were ready “to take our government back.”

Other officials still facing their primaries are also paying a price for their records. Senator John McCain is trying to hold off a challenge from former U.S. House member J.D. Hayworth out in Arizona. And in Nevada, Sue Lowden has plummeted in the polls for the Republican senate nomination.

Although these recent events prove the growing unrest across the country needs to be taken seriously, spineless Republicans and other senators content to let Harry Reid steamroll them while rushing through final passage of the Dodd Fed Empowerment Act illustrate that Washington hasn’t completely gotten the message yet.

While the Constitution is a tremendous document, it can’t enforce itself. It’s up to a people dedicated to the message of freedom and prosperity to hold their elected officials accountable and keep their government in check.

Your representatives and senators will soon be home for their Memorial Day break. Make sure you’re there to greet them at their townhalls and other events. Let your fellow constituents know that they either have representatives who fight for freedom, or ones who turn their backs on their oaths to uphold the Constitution each time they vote.

Together, we will continue to show the establishment that our Revolution is stronger than ever.

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I hope we can add Peter Schiff

to that list of upsets.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.