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MSNBC Runs a Hit Piece on the Patriot Movement


Reading this article really scared me. It seems like the PTB might really be trying to turn public opinion against the liberty movement now that we have won an election.

Not sure if this has been posted or not, but thought I should share.

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Jerry Kane

Is a great man, and was making incredible strides and breakthroughs on the whole mortgage fraud/scam industry in helping people fight off their foreclosures. The fact that while he did make his living off of it...the fact that he allowed you to attend for *free* if your need of your money outweighed his (aka, you couldn't afford it); that shows you the integrity of this man. I'm in a newsgroup that discusses a lot of things that Jerry and others in the Patriot movement teach, and one guy had the following to say about Jerry:

"Jerry was a good man. During my unlawful detainer proceeding to kick my family out of my house period Jerry was there for me. At that time I only knew him from his great information he gave on his "talkshoe" series. Jerry took all my calls and was willing to give me information, documents, and direction and he did this for nothing to someone who call him out of nowhere. That is what kind of man he was. It was a very tough and stressful time for me and he was willing to take any of my calls and give me support. I just want to acknowledge Jerry that he did made a significant difference and he will be miss. I wish only the best for Jerry's soul in his next lifetime. Thank you Jerry! God be with you.

Malcolm X

like father like son


This video

showing police pull, what appears to me, the dead body of the 16-year-old Kane boy out of the van is troubling (imo) in many ways. This van has obviously been 'broadsided' and is riddled with bullet holes:


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Surprising to see the dog jump out of the van unharmed.

I wonder if the kid was really dead at that point. If so, why did they handcuff him?

Any more video? I want to see how the shooting started and the ramming of the van.

Do they know they had the right van now?

What does driving without a

What does driving without a Liscence and running a seminar to teach people about the fraudulent banking system have to do with hate crimes? SPLC is a total pile of garbage.

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The traitors are scared. We

The traitors are scared. We are seeing a replay of what happened when Clinton was underfire for the Ruby Ridge and Waco outrages. The OKC bombing was allowed to happen. Yes, there was prior knowledge on the part of some of the one-percenters.

Clinton used the bombing to attack anyone who criticized his Administration. We have already seen this in the case of the "militia" that was supposed to be planning to attack federal judges. It turned out that the leader of the group turned out to be a "federal informant". Obviously, he wasn't the one who was supposed to be arrested.

These are called false flag operations, and it's about all these criminals can do. They no longer have a monopoly on the information available to the American public. They are trying to remedy that be getting control of the Internet. But it's too late. Too many people know.

Entire states in the Mid-West are moving to take back their powers as delegated in the Constitution. Criminal politicians are reduced to telling lies, and perpetrating false-flag operations. But even this is known, and there are cameras everywhere.

Any Article

that uses anyone from The Southern Poverty Law Center as a source isn't worth reading in my opinion.

This article doesn't give any understanding of what happened.

This is tragic for all involved, but there is a greater tragedy if the band of cops, seeking revenge, shot the wrong people.

Look at the time line.

Map of Wal-mart location. http://www.mapquest.com/maps?name=Walmart+Supercenter&city=W...

I do not have all the truths to give a conclusion. But it doesn't take to many times being lied to before I question everything that is being presented.

thanks! so, they took the next exit and stopped;

for 90 min?

Sic semper tyrannis

Sic semper tyrannis

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Did anyone catch this thread?

Did anyone catch this thread?

Ron Paul's Official 'DailyPaul' Website Still Links to (Dead) Cop Killer Jerry R. Kane's Mortgage/Scam Site??


It died quickly but the article was a hit piece on the Pauls and the DailyPaul. The article was just blatant lies, not spin, but outright lies. They took the article down at TPM soon after but this msnbc article has a lot of the same paragraphs. It is like they are coordinated and just sending hit pieces to all the major players.

Columbus, Ohio

The beauty of MSNBC is they

The beauty of MSNBC is they only serve as an echo chamber for the starstruck and stupid minority. Noone not already fully indoctrinated and ignorant will ever believe a word they are saying. And the same goes, to an even greater extent, for the SLPC.

So, when they run a "hit piece", the only ones listening are ignoramuses preselected for susceptibility to progressive indoctrination, which is, in most parts of America at least, thankfully a minority. I doubt anything they have ever said or ran, has changed a single sentient mind.

On the other hand, they do provide an outlet allowing the starstrucks to feel other, "famous, important people" are wallowing down there alongside them, making them less likely to even try to pretend they are something other than a bunch of yahoos. Which can only serve to help us in elections in most parts of the country.

I apologize

I apologize in advance for picking nits, but Noone is not a word. (Unless it is someone's name, e.g., Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits.)

Every time I see that, it drives me up a wall. Didn't you see the red squiggly line under it when you typed your comment - indicating a misspelling? It's two words - no one.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

It could have been a typo.

Many people still use IE.

Did you consider or concern yourself with anything else he said, or only the typo?

Is there any other

witnesses to this that can give an accurate account? Surely these guys did not "open fire from their car". They must have felt threatened, surely the police must have shot first?

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will only just take so much.
Gov't keeps pushing, and this is what happens.

Eventually,if they continue this course of oppression against the people, the "hunters" are going to become the "hunted". It is human nature to eventually defend themselves if they can't get away from the oppression.

I keep saying that oppressive behavior is NOT conducive to officer safety.
It would be well for them to learn that.

I love how the MSM portrays anyone that thinks

other than the GOV should grow and reach without limit is

OK GOV and enablers-do whatever it is you wish to do on anything at all just send me the bill. I love GOV.


PS-Can I get off the anti-GOV list now?

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I mean to rout you out!

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Until I read this I thought

Until I read this I thought these were just drug runners, and I live here in Arkansas! They said they just pulled over the van and they jumped out shooting. This killed the officers, then they followed and killed them. Now I wonder what happened in the beginning..

Discrepancies abound

News reports refer to the van having Ohio plates--news photos of the bullet-peppered van show no rear plate. Who removed it?

The young teen shot dead is shown curled on the grass beside the van, with hands handcuffed behind his back. That photo, showing front and semi-profile, doesn't show any wounds.

Enough to make one wonder . . .

How can they just kill a

How can they just kill a child and there not be any media backlash from it? Fishy at best.

Columbus, Ohio

I am truly in shock what

I am truly in shock what happened to Jerry and his son. Two very important people for the future of freedom and sovereignity movement were slaughtered. I don't think it was a mistaken identity issue. He helped so many people to win their homes. Many of them were not charged for his gift of information. I really hope that who have ordered it, will pay for it. And soon.

I met Jerry in las vegas.

we were staying at the same motel. he noticed my bumper sticker and befriended me. [irony is Andrew Jackson on a central bank note]
he invited me to attend his seminar for free. I met his wife and son also. over the course of several days.
I attended the last day of the seminar and came away with some good information.
I am deeply disturbed by all the conflicting reports I have read on this event. I was impressed by his sincereity and that he was actually doing something about his beliefs.
seeing that van again, and his son lying on the ground...

Where can we find more information?

The more I read, the more suspicious these killings look.

Sorry for the loss of your friend HVAC...

this reminds me of Randy Weaver and Waco where children die. I posted here a couple of years ago that when the people have nothing left to lose, they are going to start acting out against the government. We are seeing that all over the place now. I won't preach French revolution as it seems that it is exactly what they want but, replacing the traitors is taking a long time that I'm not so sure we have.

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Certainly only a fraction of the patriot movement

is into the sovereign citizen belief. But let's face it, if you believe the government has no authority over you, then their forceful actions against you may be viewed as crimes and you are well justified in using force against them. This can lead to lethal encounters, so to them your ideas are screwball and your likely actions are dangerous and criminal.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It is one thing to believe in your natural rights

It's quite another to advocate for acting like you are in charge. This is what makes the sovereign citizen movement a scam, or a false-flag. Stay away from it.

You are right. Let yourself

You are right. Let yourself to get brainwashed by ideals of democracy, which is a real scam. Go there and campaign. And then vote. Waste your time. Get frustarated and perhaps then you will remember Kane's. Perhaps then you will realize how much time you wasted by expressing idiotic opinions like that.

A true patriot

A true patriot would consider the long-term consequences and formulate a strategy based on that, he wouldn't live in a fantasy world where he takes on a bunch of police all by himself and gets him and his own son killed.

Jerry Kane was killed,

Jerry Kane was killed, becuase he was dangerous. I have spoken to him myself. He was helping people to win their houses legally. To fight the scam of foreclosure. To fight the banksters, who perhaps even you understand, they are scamers with cohoots with the government and courts, which, actually, operates like the banks.
He was charging $200 for his seminars and, if someone didn't have a money, he let him attend for free. And he did not charge a penny for his documents.
It was a hit job. And I am not speaking about MSNBC.
One of my mentors spent 8 months under Patriot Act without charges for teaching same things Jerry Kane did.
They both were in sovereignity movement, which you call a scam.
Until you retract your opinion I call your opinion an idiotic. Because you are an idiot voter, who believe in a scam of democracy.
He helped at leats 100 families to keep their homes free and clear, since he started his seminars ( 3-4 months ago). That was to much for the banksters. but it's to late. The knowledge is there already. People in sovereignity movement know why Jerry Kane was targeted. It's the message, to stop spreading his antiforeclosure techniques.
And, if this rotten system (democracy) ever fall, it's not because the voters, like you, but because the people like Jerry, who worked quietly to dissolve the system with the methods the system used to enslave the people.

Thanks for the details.

Where can we find out more?