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I'm for Charlie!!! ........ Charlie for President 2012!

Forgive me, I just think Arizona's ex-Radio host is so on top of his libertarian/Republican game...at the right age, right height 6'6, and now a best selling book...

........We are so lucky to have such an "unknown" inside our movement,the brilliant Charles Goyette, we really should be out there promoting this guy...


In peace & liberty,

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also remember

that those who watched the jfk / Nixon debate on TV voted mostly for Kennedy but those who listened on the radio went for Nixon. Unfortunately looks make a big difference. However Charisma is the most important attribute for it will win the day. Ron paul does have charisma but there are others with a more dynamic charisma than his that would win the day. Those with a more commanding voice such as Scott Ritter for instance is a dynamic speaker and can fire up and motivate a crowd. The ability to evoke passion for a cause is the drive needed to win an election...

Is that actually true? I

Is that actually true?

I always heard that when i was younger, but i am now realizing that most of the hearsay-type statements that old people told me when i was a kid are wrong to the point of ridiculous.

I wonder if there are actually some figures to support that radio/television conclusion or if somebody made that up 40 years ago and nobody thought to check if it was true or not.

He'd get my vote...

He'd get my vote...


I saw that talk a few weeks ago and it was fairly entertaining.

I must ask, do you think think height is that important to winning elections?


...it's not about height being important in winning an election, it's about presence. Presence starts with physical looks, and ends with charisma. Your average woman will vote for a guy because he's handsome and suave, regardless of what he says. If that sounds sexist, then I apologize, but that's just a rational conclusion from a guy that's seen it happen far too many times (particularly with Slick Willy).

Unfortunately, I have to

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. A friend of mine complained about this same thing. When he and his wife(his wife was in her early 30's) went to vote together for the first time after they got married, she would vote for younger attractive charismatic guys with poor positions on issues over less attractive less charismatic older guys with much better positions on issues.
Myself I heard a group of young women talking about who they were going to vote for in 2008, and all they could talk about was John Edwards or Obama because they were the youngest and the most handsome candidates for president, one young woman bought up Ron Paul and Mike Gravel, and the other women seemed to think they were too old and ugly to vote for.
Not all women vote in that manner thankfully(and it seems the older the woman, the less likely she is to vote in that manner), but seems too many do.

Let's see...

In this corner we have 4' 4" balding with 1" willy, but an intellectual wizard and caretaker for all humanity. And in this corner we have the 6' 6" Dancing with the Stars contestant with SFB and guess who wins every time? Do we have a winner?

Carlos says Doo tah doo...

Being blind is the greatest filter ever...