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Mexican Legal Immigrant Gabriella Speaks At City Council Meeting In Tucson (must see)

City Council Member Regina Romero asked for legal advice on whether the City of Tucson should sue the State of Arizona over SB1070. After the executive session they had a time for public comment. Gabriella was born in Mexico but immigrated the the United States legally and spoke against the idea that the city should sue the state.


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Wow, she was great. I hope

Wow, she was great. I hope that next, she will go give a similar speech to Obama, the house and the senate, as well as do a nationally televised prime-time commercial about this. Then I hope she runs for some kind of political office in Arizona. I think these are the kind of immigrants we need in this country. Ones who make a sincere effort in learning English, ones who understand and favor the melting pot concept and ones who respect our laws and sovereignty.

I have talked with many from different countries

Most from Mexico,All of them that are here legally are very supportive of the Az. law and wish they had it in their own state.
Same answer"We worked hard to get here legally,So it should be the same for everyone"

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