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Video - (Confuse) Obama Supporters: Rand Paul Hates Government! Rand Paul Scares me!

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I heard a man say that Rand

I heard a man say that Rand Paul represents a dictatorship because he is "opposed to the U.S. government" and that he "doesn't want any government interference in anything". Now, aside from any factual errors in this individuals statement, I would like to know how someone who is opposed to any government interference in anything could be in favor of a dictatorship.

When you see people like this, you can understand why our nation is in the shape it is. This man is obviously a victim of public education and never learned how to think.

Im convinced this must be

Im convinced this must be some kind of joke. One of the signs said "Politicians attempting to undermine laws!"

OH NOES! Didn't it used to be the law that black people had to sit at the back of the bus? Damn that Rosa Parks and her undermining of the law!

They're not just confused

They're morons who believe everything the man in the box (Rachael Maddow) says.

How anyone can go through 60 some years of life and be that big a fool, is beyond me.

Follow the money.

Its doubtful that any of those protestors are actually working in the private sector.

If they were, I'd suspect that there was a government contract in there someplace.

These sad tragic people only

These sad tragic people only catch key words. They do NOT "hear". They do NOT "see". Rand Paul inspires! I doubt these people have read nor understand the constitution and its purpose.They are needy people who need to be rescued by a "government"..apparently any government judging from their Tee-shirts. Why is this being posted now????The campaign is over.

Government creates dependency.

That's just how they roll.

Tell the average government employed, unemployed, retired or incapacitated person that you want to roll back the state, then sit back and observe the horror.

It usually doesn't occur to government workers that they could actually be working in the private sector.

It usually doesn't occur to the unemployed that central bank policy is putting them out of a job.

It usually doesn't occur to the vunerable that alternative provison could be made for their upkeep.

I'm telling you the type of people in this vid are violent

Those are some of the most dangerous and senselessly violent people. They'll snap like a light switch too. The ends justify the means for these people and they MEAN it. These people are dangerous. They make me nervous.

Rand Paul represents a

Rand Paul represents a dictatorship because he wants minimalist government and term limits for senators? Good grief.

I wonder how many of those people were paid to be there too.

priceless quote in a leftist blog

Rod // May 22, 2010 at 4:05 pm

You gotta be kidding me. You guys couldn’t get more than 20 folks or so in sandals and beads to show up with signs with THESE kinda lies out there in the media. Can’t wait till election day. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. OMG.

damn, a total of... 4 CLUELESS OBAMADRONES!!!


I would bet...

that most of these people are teachers, or retired teachers doing the socialists work, afraid of losing their pension. I love my mother-in-law to death, but she has pensions from both Washington and Oregon, and makes more money as a retiree than she ever did teaching.

What a bunch of brainwashed people!!!

If that's what this country has come to, then we had better get planning to go Galt.

"Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions." Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

As in run away, run away?

Galt mistakenly believed he was better than everyone else.

"I told it to myself and I agree!" A Cooper

Free includes debt-free!

a whole 4 protesters. haha!

a whole 4 protesters. haha! that was classic. what a mess.

Preview for 2012

When Dr. Paul senior takes the big stage.

Dumb as a rock!

Sometimes I am ashamed at being a fellow human being....

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Hey! Rand Paul stands for

Hey! Rand Paul stands for dictatorship in America, because he's against the government!

Where do they get these yahoos from?

Reagan responds to Obama and his supporters

What more can I say?