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Frightened yet? The Origins Of Evil by Michael Tsarion

Ok, so things are happening. But what is happening? Right now, what is happening is that you are being invited to explore a perspective on what is going on in your world, today, yesterday and tomorrow (Please excuse the esoteric language. I posted this topic originally here: http://nevernothere.com/forum/frightened-yet).

This following video is filled with projections of belief-systems and truisms, however, as you surely must know there must be an element of truth in everything. And so, this video is a short (2h 10min) lecture attempting to sum up the work of this individual named Michael Tsarion and other prominent people throughout history. In short, he tries to wake interest in this subject to make people more aware of a (darker) structure of this disorienting reality of which most people are living in complete ignorance of. This presentation contains everything from history, psychology, and mystical topics. In my experience of it, a few years back now, this presentation projected tremendously amounts of fear and literally drove me very close to insanity (If you felt radioshow-activists Alex Jones brought paralyzing fear into your life, then I suggest you stop reading this post right now. At least postpone the subject). However, after processing some of the information and starting to do some of my own homework, the information then simply became a matter of an alternative perspective and also opened up a few new possibilities to say the least. This topic definitely belongs in this forum.

The presentation video is divided into 6 parts, the first one being about 25 minutes, the entire presentation about 2h, 10min. Note that one does not need to see the entire video at once or in sequence as the information stands mostly independent from one another. So, without further a due, enjoy, and get ready for a little nail-biting (also, to your own benefit, observe your reactions that comes when watching this presentation):

The Origins Of Evil by Michael Tsarion [Part 1 of 6]: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8360601521310929801#

Google Video description:
"A must see! Ever asked yourself where all injustice and cruelty in the world comes from? Michael Tsarion brings insight to the world we are living in. Watch this Conspiracy Con 2005 Presentation "The Origins Of Evil" with Michael Tsarion [Part 1 of 6] Michael Tsarion's free webstreams, interviews, presentations, the origins of evil, future of mankind, 2012, the maya calendar, atlantis, alien visitation, genetic manipulation, the cult of aton, akhenaton, psychic hygiene, illuminati, secret societies, subversive use of sacred symbolism, symbol literacy, divination arts, astrology, astro-theology, numerology, mystery school, irish origins of civilization, http://www.taroscopes.com http://www.michaeltsarion.com http://www.personaltimescopes.com "

Part 2 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5597983852709238571#
Part 3 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1823884172706726810#
Part 4 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5804447539516185980#
Part 5 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8967664658521962794#
Part 6 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1095986015238727417#

For those who would be interested, there is available a bit-torrent file download of circa 9.55 GB of just under 60 hours of video presentation! I don't want to link directly (legal issues) but the name of the work is Origins & Oracles by Michael Tsarion. And if doing so, please remember to contact Michael Tsarion and give thanks! You will also find the product available for purchase for those who are willing to do that. Be warned however, these are only lectures and you will have to do your own research in whatever comes up in these presentations. Off course, the videos can be enjoyed simply by themselves, but we're talking of possibly years and years of research and personal inquiry so, if you can, remember to have fun with it!

Happy illumination:P

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just listen to yourself. What you wrote is terribly offensive and shows your ignorance of what I am trying to say here.

Wake the f*ck up and DO SOMETHING! You can't see how misguided this is? If you don't take real action on yourself and help to take back our country what good is all this speculative stuff he is selling going to do for you and our country? Answer to that.

And yes, why isn't he talking about our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? Documents and ideas that if recognized and honored would return our country to peace and prosperity.

And quite taking it so damn personal.

I'll tell you what frightens me. It frightens me to see most of you being sidetracked into dead end activism and putting all your faith in the electoral process when its rotten to the core.

Finally, we have something that is tangible, real, and legal that was heroically put together through sheer sacrifice and dedication to real American ideals, Articles of Freedom. And hardly anyone on this site has read or signed it.

THAT is what frightens me frankly. THAT is nothing more than sheer evidence of complete mind control and utter irrational ignorance.

Here we go again...

"just listen to yourself. What you wrote is terribly offensive and shows your ignorance of what I am trying to say here."

I agree I might be on the aggressive but anyone can see it is directed exactly where it belongs. It doesn't necessary reveal ignorance.

"Wake the f*ck up and DO SOMETHING! You can't see how misguided this is? If you don't take real action on yourself and help to take back our country what good is all this speculative stuff he is selling going to do for you and our country? Answer to that."

What the f*** do you know? You don't do anything but to pass judgement based on fear, and upon information you apparently know nothing about. For example, earlier, you blatantly stated that 25% of the information given by Michael Tsarion is disinformation, but you don't seem to go to any length whatsoever to share with your fellow countrymen (to which you care so much about) what those 25% is.
And what the f*** do you know of what I'm doing with my time concerning the message of liberty? NOTHING! You are simply full of shit. And you accuse Michael Tsarion of deception based on that he's not fighting for the law & constitution??? WTF is that? Well I guess that would put him in the category together with 95% of your own countrymen. Are they all out to deceive you?

"I'll tell you what frightens me. It frightens me to see most of you being sidetracked into dead end activism and putting all your faith in the electoral process when its rotten to the core."

No you are frightened because you don't understand the information given here and reacts accordingly. Just because the government is potentially rotten, thats no excuse for not fighting in the political arena. So keep on fighting the good fight and do what you do best. Just don't assume you know the truth to the people around you. That is just despicable.

"THAT is what frightens me frankly. THAT is nothing more than sheer evidence of complete mind control and utter irrational ignorance."

Mind control goes hand in hand with ignorance. I'm not pushing the information here, I'm simply just defending the right for me to share this information. And you are simply just jumping on it. Your fear is also partially based on the erroneous assumption that everyone around you cannot reprehend what is posted here and blindly follows a new lie. I can to some degree understand that BUT you have no other choice but to trust people to take that choice for themselves. That's something you will have to learn (which you'll probably (EDIT: hopefully not) will learn the hard way).

It's sad that the majority of my posts in here are only about defending from emotion outbursts (yes, I do also, but how do you measure up my anger to your ignorance and condescension?) Even from *your* point of view, you are supposedly defending our movement from 'keeping our movement free of dangerous information'. Where haven't we heard that before? Well, then you are, in my opinion, no better than the opposition we're all fighting with.

truth liberate

Michael Tsarion was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland

wow.....you have no idea. Go back and read what you wrote. It makes no sense.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

Michael Tsarion was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tsarian promotes spiritual understanding and alternative history. His overall premise is a focus on Universal/Natural law and Celtic traditions.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

Response to Jon's original post on this topic.

Well, Jon, I really planned to watch your debunking video at a later time/date but I couldn't help myself from peeking a little. I have to download the video from the site since it's almost impossible to skip back and forth on the videostream. Give me about one hour (11 PM at GMT +0) to post my response.

Don't you bloody go anywhere...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok so lets se what we've got here:

The name of the video file is MichaelTsarionIsWrong.mp4 (from your site) and the very first things he has to say is:

Chris White: "Let me start by saying, that in many areas, I agree with Michael Tsarion [on e.g. NWO, ancient history], it's nothing like we've been told in our classroms. In fact, so strange, that few would believe it even if you outright proved it to them"

Comment: How consolidating. Continuing:

Chris White: "I will attempt to show you that Michael Tsarion is wrong (C: attempt?), and that the views he promotes are indistinguishable from the freemasonic, theosophic, luciferian views that I will demonstrate to be false. I will also show that there is an attempt to indoctrinate those who are awake into this version of history as quickly as possible for a specific reason."

...and he goes on...

Chris White: "I will debunk him, not because I think his version of history is so strange (C: Mr.White's version of humility I guess.), but rather, as I will demonstrate, because he is at best factually inaccurate, and at worst, lying!"

Comment: So he starts his debunking video with some biased reasoning, fine, I'll look past that. However, it only reveals itself to be the first bullshit segment in an assembly line of bullshit. Let's get straight to business on his VERY FIRST EXAMPLE!!:

About 1:20 (that's one minute and 20 seconds) into the video:

Chris White: "Lets start by showing some of the tactics that Tsarion uses, so we know what to look for as we progress. It seems to be a form of mind control" (C: By assosiating the verse with pictures of UFO's beaming down the bible. *facepalm*)

Comment: Wow, one minute in and he's already suggesting to the viewer a complete biased position. However, even this doesn't really matter, lets just cut straight to the chase here;

His comments on Tsarions reference to the bible verse:

Chris White: "He also suggest that after that they journeyed in the place where the cloud abode, means that they went away on an interplanetary journey."

Final comment: There it is. What is it? Well, if you watch the video, Chris White just played for you a clip of Tsarions presentation (at 1:35 and out) where Tsarion himself refers to the exodus between Atlantis and Lemuria which both are (theoretically off course) historical locations HERE ON EARTH! So for you in this forum that have no idea what I'm talking about, why is this important? Because if you have even glimpsed into this theory of alien visitation in ancient history (here, presented by Tsarion) well then you won't just out of the blue mix interplanetary travels and travels between ancient land locations. And it was NOT an innocent misstep or blunder by Chris White as he continue to elaborate on this subsequently! How the hell did this debunker manage to mix this crucial piece of information up so blatantly?!

Well, unfortunately I have only one simple thesis and that is that 1) He's an insecure a-hole who has nothing else to do than to create a cult of followers that sole motivation is to dispense fear as to ironically deny frightening information coming his way, resulting in suppression of crucial information for the rest of us. But thats just my thesis.

One thing is for sure tho. I've wasted over 3 and a half hours working through bullshit just to prove to ONE PERSON that he's in reality just full of crap, and that he really wants nothing to do with this information. So he's just spilling around him one of the most blatantly ridiculous (hit-peace?) debunking video I've ever encountered. I hope I've at least broken down someones rigid belief-system today. That would almost make it worth the while!

I don't mean to be an angry bulldozer here but sometimes you simply just have to.

So there you have it (Jon). I can barely get started on your video and it reveals itself after a few minutes to be an amateur debunk video that could be produced by a 10-year old. If you want me to continue dissecting this rotten fruit you have just hurled at me, I suggest you at least give me a sign you're still around. What was it you so brilliantly shoved into my face again earlier? Oh yes..: "I encourage you to do your own research."

#### ###!!

truth liberate

Ah-hem...as he said, he

Ah-hem...as he said, he doesn't like fact checkers.

bookmarked for later

bookmarked for later watching.

The lenght and tone of the comments made me curious.
Kinda like a healing method that is listed on Quackwatch, I always take it as a good sign LOL!

Chris White is a christianist dominionist.

As far as this myopic pea-brained idiot Chris White, the director-author of "Michael Tsarion is Wrong," is concerned, any doctrine outside of the tiny realm of knowledge he's been able to Kool-Aid, must be a fake, a tard, and a moron.

White's been debunked so many times within the alternative research community, he's practically irrelevent. Chris deludes having a blog and a podcast makes him an authority, in subject matter in which he DABBLED in, only in the last 5yrs or so.

Subject matter of our origins, and origins of evil is so vast and large, any arrogant baffoon claiming to have all the answers just 'cause he read a few books, watched a few videos is not only obnoxiously arrogant, but truly a moron; no serious researcher, professional or amateur who decides a-priori he knows the answers to the inquiry he seeks answered is by definition NOT curious, nor open, objective observer. Though, I surmise that applies to most of academia, researchers, scientists as well as our cleargies.

Chris White's main beef is with Jordan Maxwell, and Tsarion, by proxy, because Michael was Jordan's protege.

Chris deludes he knows how the world works. He himself hasn't done ANY first hand research. He hasn't written any books, peer-reviewed papers, done any original research. His claim to fame is using others' info as his own. So he single-handely decides, based on much of his occult & NWO knowledge gained from watching, NOT conversing with, Jordan Maxwell, that he's the one with all the answers to life and universe's mysteries, as long as it conforms to his sole interpretation of the Bible.

In fact, White used to praise Jordan Maxwell's research into the occult. But in a long documentd 50yrs of work that Jordan has done, White apparently, just now only happened to come across the fact that while Jordan believes in the concept, and to him a reality of a larger force in the Cosmos that Mankind have called "God," but with humble deference to it, Maxwell believes it arrogant to label it or codify it into a minute, myopic strict interpretations based on works codified under the auspices of the VATICAN in a series of Council of Nicea; White finds it entirely offensive. So much of his early blogging years in which he referenced Maxwell's work, was apprarently a small oversight on his part.

And, worst off, White suffers from McCarthyist "guilt-by association" syndrome. His main beef with Jordan is that he was friends with the likes of Manley Palmer Hall, an occultist. By that logic our Good Doc being part of CONgress and GOP that passed the (UN)PatriotActS, illegal wars and occupation, and numerous other neoCON UnConstitutionalities, would equally be guilty as neoCONs, GWB, and oBUSHma Regime. Hell, why not throw a larger net? All who work in civic life are scums and tax-leeching waste of life, well, okay so except for Ron Paul, the former IS mostly true, and latter possibly absolutely true.

Just because Maxwell ended up befriending Manley Palmer Hall in the process, White deludes a man whom single-handedly educated the modern world on the reality of the undlying occult infrastructures in much of modern life, NWO, and much of the symbolism and myths now popularized by David Brown, in which 90% is plagiarized works of Jordan Maxwell, as well as the UK authors who wrote "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," Chris White now thinks Jordan is the spawn of the devil.

I wonder when's the last time one has agreed 100% with anyone's, friend or acquiantance's views, in the world.

This is akin to someone accusing a detective investigating a serial murderer, as the murderer himself; in trying to truly understand the perp's motives, and origins of the their psychology, the detective may visit socially-unacceptible places that perp frequents, as well as collect some of the weird materials, artifacts of the perp's fascination and obsession.

So does an obsession to solve the case equate condoning the serial killer's views and actions? Afterall, if someone happens to come upon that detective without knowing who he/she is, or what and who he/she is pursuing, seeing all the photos and implements laid out, it'd be easy for a casual observer to conclude that, that investigator maybe the killer, no?

Such logic leaves much to be desired.

One does not have to accept or agree with everything someone or a alt.researcher says or states. In the grand scheme of things, if you yourself are comfortable in knowing who you are, none of these seemingly diviant or divergent ideologies should have any effect on you. It's just info. At the worst you know a thing or two more, at best, it further enhances your knowledge of the world and learn to discern the difference between the SOURCE, and bastardization of its original info and intent by its ensuing progenies, such as the neoCONS & NWO Bankster and their sycophants.

SO really, do you really know who or what, or how they built the Great Pyramids, or Tiatiahucan? So far, no one can...

Oh, and by the way, I DO believe and accept the presence of the Creator. Who or what we label it in our puny human minds is irrelevent, lest you want us turning into those tribes in MidEast who for centuries and endlessly constantly bicker and kill each other over it, with or without our or anyone other colonial intervention?

All in all, while personally I understand, but I still have hard time fathoming why it matters so much to people, what other people believe, in terms of faith. I say as long as one does not seek to impose their will or belief upon me, by force, I can care less if they believe that flying dolphins in space laid un-mammal like eggs which hatched into everything else we see in the universe.

The only time we get to have our answers to what the reality of God and Life, is after we DIE. If one believes in a particular "God" and lives by a doctrine in some manner and that makes one feel better or enhances their understanding of themselves and the universe, by all means do it. The core question is does believing it and living by it makes you into a better person, NOT "better than x" person. That should be the litmus test, IMO.

And more often than not, once that day comes, unfortunately we won't be corporeally around to confirm or deny the verisimilitude of that experience, one way or another: ie, is there a "light at the end of the tunnel," are Jesus/Allah same or two different beings, warring, or dancing together, perhaps Buddha is just chillin in the background, and Wiccans are dancing naked to group of unseasy ghostly observers. Who knows?

I haven't been dead, well except for about couple of minutes, then a few days in coma. What I can recall is being enveloped in light and feeling of love, but a strong sense of unfinished biz, and need to return for the time being.

Perhaps if I believed in specific idolotry like Jesus, Allah, Zoroaster, Mythra, or Buddha, I would have seen them. But what I can recall is feeling "back with the SOURCE." So my brief experience to me confirms the existence of a SOURCE in which everything in the universe originated from. But the also confirmed to me the arrogance of our ways that mankind have always attempted to put "God" into a tiny mold or our sad comfort. Really, if one truly believes in God, how dare we try to label or define it for our puny-brains' consumption? No?

I say LOVE your family, friends, and fellow r3VOLutionaries. The best you can hope for in life. And pay it forward.

All we're doing is talking, sharing info, and being activists to the best extent so that we can have some semblance of Constitutional entities that finally learn to recognize the simplest of the human experience: "Leave me the F*CK alone, as long as I do you NO harm," contingent. Or the Golden Rule. "Do unto others..." Or the Universal Law of Reciprocity.


Thank you so much for addressing this.

It helps me breathe to know there are people like you out there :) However I know nothing of this Chris White and am therefor forced to check in on the debunking video to which I will have to respond to below in this thread.

truth liberate

If you like Tsarion...

I would absolutely recommend Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Marko Rodin, Nassim Haramein, Joseph P.Farrell, Jim Marrs, Russell Targ, Ingo Swann, Ed Dames, Dean Radin, Gregg Braden, David Sereda, David Wilcock, Richard C.Hoagland, Joseph Campbell, David Icke, Freeman Fly, Jeff Rense, Nick Begich, Tom Bearden, etc. Some of these people may seem out there, but at the least you'll be amused, at best you'll begin to wonder the possibilities.

Don't know if you've seen, heard or read any of the above, but if not alreadym, for best primer, compliation, or collections of various views you can get in one website, check out CoastToCoastAM.com, Rense.com, ConsciousMediaNetwork.com, and ProjectCamelot.org



also draws from Zacharia Sitchen, Wilhelm Reich and Erich Von Daniken.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

I know of some of them.

E.g. the works of Nassim Haramein is very intriguing! I'm still a bit on hold on his work but I'm planning to get back on that sometime.

It's funny how much information that is available now a days. Makes me almost optimistic for our kind :D

truth liberate

(Response to Jon's original post on this topic)

Well, so I planned to watch your debunking video at a later time but I couldn't help myself from peeking a little. I have to download the video from the site since it's almost impossible to skip back and forth on the videostream. Give me about one hour (11 PM at GMT +0) to post my response (please do not as of now respond to this comment as I will not be able to edit in the content).

Don't you bloody go anywhere...


EDIT: Response posted above.

truth liberate

Joη's picture

Michael Tsarion is an idiot. Here's proof:


Please look next time.

Just listen to him. It's all stupendously fake. Anyone who has to remind you of the "high quality of the presentation" to support its content is grasping for straws.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?


Oh look!

I guess we can now just throw that theory out the window, huh? (I'm really no pro or con darwinian, please forgive me for trying to carefully expose what a f###### idiot you are)

truth liberate


I'm bookmarking the video you linked.

But what are you? Some guardian of truth? It's people like you, NOT extreme and outlandish lecturers, that is the reason this world still suck. You make me sick.

From your link, connected to the video: "This is the documentary Michael Tsarion tried to censor" Oh I see. And so now, this video is immediately legit. Smells like bullshit to me. But I'll get back to you later on that video. Just follow this thread.

truth liberate

Joη's picture

I hate fact-checkers, too

always spoiling fantasy with facts...

I encourage you to do your own research. Try seeing if what he says, in all his videos, makes sense. (Why not start with the emphasis on 2012?)

When I do this, and can easily poke holes in many, many of the things said, I tend to think this person doesn't actually want to convey true information, and am forced to question his intentions overall.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

"I encourage you to do your

"I encourage you to do your own research"

Wow, the arrogance. First of all WTF do you know of my own personal research - and this coming from someone who enters the arena striking out. Again, sickening. Is this how you spread the message of liberty in your daily life? Then God help us all. How do you expect to be taken seriously or to even have a constructive debate?

Everyone can poke holes in a story. You just ram your fist in there. Get back to me when you've found some neutral or common ground to lecture me on this subject (as opposed to linking debunking videos for your every reply. Is that your idea of a debate?).

Again, I'll get back to you on that video (unless you keep on being a douchebag).

truth liberate

Michael Tsarion

is a great resource.....I've been researching for 25 years and find his information intriguing. I also find the following link full of good stuff as well.

Occult World of Commerce Jordan Maxwell

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein


We were on the deck of our cabin on the lake last Sunday. An attorney that owned property next door wandered over for a visit.

During our visit, I began to ask him about some of the things discussed in this video. He was clueless as was I. He was very intrigued by what little I had brought up.

I have a better basic understanding because of this, and I am going to forward this to him, to tweek his melon. He is already expecting to receive America Freedom to Fascism, so this on top of it, should really throw him for a loop.

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I knew.

Thank you..

For You


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

It is great

I've been able to substantiate a lot this through my own experience with courts and lawyers. I've won every time. A lot of lawyers don't know this, a lot do. Mine did. He had a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Princeton University. Law is VERY secretive. They don't want you to know the game and they protect their own, not YOU.

If you look at all your credit cars, SS Number, Insurance cards, bills, Court summons, your name is in all capital letters. Capital i.e. commerce/business.

Lawyers have the title of Esquire. Esquire (abbreviated Esq.) is a term of British origin (ultimately from Latin scutarius in the sense of shield bearer via Old French "esquier"). An unofficial title of respect, having no precise significance, it is used to denote a high but indeterminate social status. Esquire is cognate with the word squire, which originally meant an apprentice or assistant to a knight. Two words jump out at me here. Shield and Knight. Now look at the logo for the City of London. That's the shield for the Knights Templar. The Knight Templar founded our modern day banking system. When has a banker ever given up control of money? Would King George have given up his property rights in the Colonies over a bunch of Yahoo's. Interesting questions.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

I have always suspected that

the US never REALLY gained its independence from the UK.

I once took a certification course at the law school here @ University of Texas. Texas has long been a part of US politics. The third coast they call it, or the oil coast.

I was given a guided tour before my classes began by a young girl.

She took me to a place they called "Executioner's Hall". The girl immediately said as we approached "this place always gives me the creeps"

The walls of the entire hall were adorned with strange symbols, and tapestries that had skull and bones, and other masonic looking symbols.

There were these throne looking chairs that were connected in groups of three, and had very odd symbolic carvings on them.

Many things that looked like they had historical connection to England. It really makes me want to go take another look now.

Executioner's Hall

now that's comforting. The executioner wears black as well. I'm with you on the point of the US never REALLY gained its independence from the UK. We are all still subjects of the Queen. Now look at what's happening in the Gulf of Mexico. I live on the Florida Gulf coast. We are talking about "British" Petroleum. The Queen mum owns a very large percentage of this company.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

Funny you mention that.

When I mentioned the spill to my dad the other night, he said almost the exact same thing about how this disaster is taking place where we fought the British in 1812.

Have you ever seen the film "Ring of Power"?

It covers a variety of subjects but also talks about how D.C. and part of London, as well as Vatican City, are all sovereign entities, that share the same architecture, obelisks, etc.

It is long, and a bit dry, but is packed with fascinating info.

ring of power

^^ great movie! highly recommended

I have not seen the movie

but I am familiar with the subject matter. You hit the nail on the head my friend.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

logo for City of London


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

City of London logo

Knights Templar shield with two "serpents" or dragons on either side. All finance is controlled out of London.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

link for above.

sorry...forgot to paste...


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein