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Frightened yet? The Origins Of Evil by Michael Tsarion

Ok, so things are happening. But what is happening? Right now, what is happening is that you are being invited to explore a perspective on what is going on in your world, today, yesterday and tomorrow (Please excuse the esoteric language. I posted this topic originally here: http://nevernothere.com/forum/frightened-yet).

This following video is filled with projections of belief-systems and truisms, however, as you surely must know there must be an element of truth in everything. And so, this video is a short (2h 10min) lecture attempting to sum up the work of this individual named Michael Tsarion and other prominent people throughout history. In short, he tries to wake interest in this subject to make people more aware of a (darker) structure of this disorienting reality of which most people are living in complete ignorance of. This presentation contains everything from history, psychology, and mystical topics. In my experience of it, a few years back now, this presentation projected tremendously amounts of fear and literally drove me very close to insanity (If you felt radioshow-activists Alex Jones brought paralyzing fear into your life, then I suggest you stop reading this post right now. At least postpone the subject). However, after processing some of the information and starting to do some of my own homework, the information then simply became a matter of an alternative perspective and also opened up a few new possibilities to say the least. This topic definitely belongs in this forum.

The presentation video is divided into 6 parts, the first one being about 25 minutes, the entire presentation about 2h, 10min. Note that one does not need to see the entire video at once or in sequence as the information stands mostly independent from one another. So, without further a due, enjoy, and get ready for a little nail-biting (also, to your own benefit, observe your reactions that comes when watching this presentation):

The Origins Of Evil by Michael Tsarion [Part 1 of 6]: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8360601521310929801#

Google Video description:
"A must see! Ever asked yourself where all injustice and cruelty in the world comes from? Michael Tsarion brings insight to the world we are living in. Watch this Conspiracy Con 2005 Presentation "The Origins Of Evil" with Michael Tsarion [Part 1 of 6] Michael Tsarion's free webstreams, interviews, presentations, the origins of evil, future of mankind, 2012, the maya calendar, atlantis, alien visitation, genetic manipulation, the cult of aton, akhenaton, psychic hygiene, illuminati, secret societies, subversive use of sacred symbolism, symbol literacy, divination arts, astrology, astro-theology, numerology, mystery school, irish origins of civilization, http://www.taroscopes.com http://www.michaeltsarion.com http://www.personaltimescopes.com "

Part 2 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5597983852709238571#
Part 3 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1823884172706726810#
Part 4 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5804447539516185980#
Part 5 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8967664658521962794#
Part 6 of 6: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1095986015238727417#

For those who would be interested, there is available a bit-torrent file download of circa 9.55 GB of just under 60 hours of video presentation! I don't want to link directly (legal issues) but the name of the work is Origins & Oracles by Michael Tsarion. And if doing so, please remember to contact Michael Tsarion and give thanks! You will also find the product available for purchase for those who are willing to do that. Be warned however, these are only lectures and you will have to do your own research in whatever comes up in these presentations. Off course, the videos can be enjoyed simply by themselves, but we're talking of possibly years and years of research and personal inquiry so, if you can, remember to have fun with it!

Happy illumination:P

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I know Michael Tsarion has tributed much of his work to Jordan Maxwell and also refer to him as his mentor. I haven't gotten to him yet but I will one day. Thank you!

truth liberate

You may also find the book at

You may also find the book at the following link of interest.


Don't question Jon, he is the

Don't question Jon, he is the leading authority on everything. So much so, that I generally skip over all his responses.

He's the resident "Amazing Randi"

From the James Randi debunker site!
They "debunk everything", or so they think.

Or, I suppose Randi's most notorious protege, Michael Schirmer

I can't stand that Mike Squirmer. On every show that seeks to question or debunk, he's the resident denier. He's not a skeptic, by strict definition. A skeptic would actually look into the topic in question, no matter how contradictory it may be to the person it is presented to.

Plus, what in the world qualifies him to be a self-proclaim expert, or denier in any capacity? Really, is there any qualification necessary for any idiot to constantly say "no, I never seen it, no, it doesn't work because I don't know about it?" Reminds me of many who are stuck in the false L-R paradigm who abhor 2nd Amnd, as if, if they personally don't know a victim of a crime, or knew anyone who were murdered or raped, apparently such things don't happen in the world, at all.

Personally, I've observed that the tone and tenor of MSM's attitude toward life's mysteries and the ancients are changing, be it monetary, growth of critical mass in these type of audience, or NWO's own belief in something specific about 2012; History Channel, National Geographic, and Discovery/TLC seem to want to cash in on the trend either way. Their latest, History Channel's Ancient Aliens go a long way.

I personally credit Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval's works for truly challenging my previous preconceptions: our Ancient Ancestors were/are FAR FAR FAR more advanced than we ever were/are; they built stone monuments that lasted for thousands of years, designed and laid out with pinpoint accuracy, in reflection of the constellations. The best we've done is iPods.

I personally found Graham Hancock's 3-part Discovery Ch. mini-series "Quest for the Lost Civilization," to be a great primer on these topics.


Thank you for the comical relief :)

truth liberate

Too much going on for me today-

will bookmark it. Thanks!