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Proposal for voting system

I think it's high time we found a single issue that we can organize most of the activist groups toward. I get so frustrated that so many different groups are united on a root cause, but get no where because they're divided on how to get there. However, I think I've found one topic we can all push for that just might be acceptable to all groups (except those in power) of activists. I think it's entirely possible to pull support (much in the same way that audit the fed has) from mainstream R's and D's.

We should propose a minor change in the voting system which allows people to vote for their first choice as well as their second choice. As most of you know, there are people who didn't vote for Perot because he didn't have a chance - they likely would have chosen him as their second choice.

Others said he was a spoiler which put Clinton in. Those people would have registered a vote for a mainstream R with Perot in their second choice slot.

Same now goes for our favorite outsider of the mainstream parties. In fact, he is not that representative of the 'current' republicans, but is certainly much more palatable to the dems than McCain would have been.

The overall outcome would probably be that we'd elect people with much more middle of the road ideals unless someone like the Pauls come along. I could see him being either choice one or two for many dems, most repubs, and nearly all third party candidates. What a landslide mandate that would be!

Ok, the nuts and bolts of how to get it done, however, is actual one of the best parts. Today's population is blind sheep that only have a 5 second attention span and can't think for themselves. Many of these people are only supporting the auditing of the fed because it's an understandable sound byte. They've heard for years (decades?) that various politicians have wanted election reform (even though that was lame rhetoric) and they sort of agreed. The problem is that no one could give them a short enough version that didn't involve conspiracy or anything else that they were against. We can do that now.

All we have to do is push for 2nd choice options on the ballot. Most people will think it won't have much affect if the population is still split into red and blue and those are the people that will discount the power of the third party anyway so they won't fight the change. If people vote for their candidate because they believe him to be the "racehorse" winner, then their still covered because they put him in their choice 1 spot. They're also covered because their 2nd choice will also "place" in the overall race.

I think the activism campaign for promoting this can be handled in a non-anti-government fashion. In other words, let's not make it about the constitution, founding fathers, third parties, election fraud conspiracies, or any of the other controversial reasons (think anti-truther repulsion). Let's make it so that it appeals to the most groups. We can probably tap the 9/12ers, the freedom movements, the libertarians, the constitutionalists, the green party, the moderate democrats and moderate republicans and even the mainstream media.

The tricky part tho, is to find a common enemy for all these groups to take up the fight against. One suggestion might be to expose Diebold as fraudulent and make them the enemy. Another thought might be to promote it as a way to get a better idea of what people want because the census returns didn't turn out so great or even to help determine a vote in the case of a hanging chad. LOL

One other issue we would need to decide early on was how it statistically would work. For example. Does the second choice get a less weighted vote (say every 100 seconds counts as 60 firsts) or could we do it a better way. My vote (no pun intended) would be to track the ties between the 1st and 2nd choices and if the 1st choice didn't get elected, then their vote only counts towards the 2nd choice.

What does everyone think? Is this something that we could get a few politicians behind to bring it to the MSM for more awareness or is this like shooting gnats in a hurricane with a BB-gun?

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before any of the Pauls decide to run for the Presidency in 2012, or 2016.

Funny how NO liberals are up in arms about it, now that oBUSHma is in, except for one of the few, the ever consistent Brad Friedman of BradBlog.com who has been consistent in his scrutiny of blackbox voting as well as MSM's assbackward laziness in NOT investigating Sibel Edmond's assertions.

though, personally I think going back to pen & paper, be it like punchcard fill-ins, would be FAR more integral than eVoting.

then, have a consistent certification protocol for count and recount as well as video evidencing and chain of custody.

as well as, it should all be hand counted for small volumes, and punchcard counters, ie. mechanical, NOT strictly optical counters for larger precincts.

and ALL of that should be televised REAL-TIME online, and 5-10 independent cameras at count and recount stations, with overhead projectors showing progress, would be FAR cheaper than letting the likes of Sequioa, ESS, or DIEbold systems STEAL it for multi-million $$ contracts


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