POLL: Lauraingraham.com

Go to www.lauraingraham.com and vote for Ron Paul in the poll on the left-hand side of the page.

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the strangerr's picture


I just went to Ingraham’s site to vote in the pole and ended up looking around instead; now I feel sick (and I’m not a Democrat).


Just for the record, who exactly is Laura Ingraham? I've never even heard of her. Why is it so important to vote in a poll on her site which just seems to be set up to make her money?

laura ingraham

Laura is a talk show host. So if he won the poll then it would make her talk about him on the air some more thus giving him more media coverage. The more the merrier. Also I think it is important for Ron Paul to win every poll he is in.

Ron Needs Our Help

M. Raborn
I just voted and Congressman Paul is WAY behind Tancredo. We know that does not represent the views of Ron's supporters, so we must get busy and visit this sight and show our support for Congressman Paul. Thanks for making us aware of this poll!

M. Raborn